Steven J. Baum Law Firm to Pay $2 Million Over Foreclosure Practices


Steven J. Baum Law Firm to Pay $2 Million Over Foreclosure Practices

Steven J. Baum Law Firm to Pay $2 Million Over Foreclosure Practices

It’s become a new world in America. No matter how hard one tries, all those families who were thrown out of their homes…how many individuals can settle and get away with this?

Money is the root of all evil.


Steven J. Baum’s foreclosure law firm, one of the largest in New York state, will pay the U.S. $2 million and change its practices to resolve a probe into its mortgage-related legal filings.

The agreement resolves an investigation into whether the Baum firm filed misleading pleadings, affidavits and mortgage assignments in courts, according to a statement today by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan.



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5 Responses to “Steven J. Baum Law Firm to Pay $2 Million Over Foreclosure Practices”

  1. Phase one of mission accomplished. My September, 2010 federal suit against Baum and MERS said there was a problem, they denied and my suit settled amicably and was neevr dismissed… and here it is confirmed…a small penalty of 2 Million against Baum by the US Attonrye, but at least changes are mandated and the settlement mandates a 3 year watch ver his practice. That’s a start by the US Attorney–an arm of the Obama Administration. Now let’s see how AG Schneiderman does in his investigation of Baum and Pillar because the AG represents the people of New York….you know who they are, the people who lost their homes because a forecsloure mill spit out pleadings that the U.S. Attorney states were wrong! Why don’t they take that $2 Mill and give it to the poor people who lost their homes?

  2. OK, one admission–I’m not a typist, so sorry for the typos in my post above–my handwriting’s worse!

  3. Joyce says:

    Hi Susan,

    I had the pleasure of speaking with you last year about this parasite. This is only the beginning for this rat and the other rats in collusion with him Fein, Such, Krane & Heard. I’m a Christian and prayed & continuing to pray for myself and others these lowlifes stole from. They forget that GOD sees all, always wins and always have the last say. The wicked is about to slayed, cursed & plaqued from all their wickedness. GOD BE TO GLORY -HE STILL SITS ON THE THRONE

  4. TableTurner says:

    Amen!!! The tables are turning on the Banksters and Forclosure Mills. I have not paid my mortgage in 2 years and counting. Baum is the atty and I am not going to ever pay it and I am still in it.

    2milion is chump change. Chase just sent me a letter to give them my house for 35k; My defense claims must be valid. Don’t give them back your house! Fight!! They are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The Govt and the banks are down together. Turn the Tables!!!

  5. Hannah says:

    The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.


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