NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street


NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street

NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street

Now will you look at this, Soon Wall Street will begin to see the impact the college students are making at their door steps. Don’t under estimate the power of the people! They are spreading like a fierce wild fire.

I can tell you from experience it’s not easy spreading the word, “trying” to stop corruption and greed, it takes a team of bloggers, sacrifice, determination, long long hours, organization and most importantly… we count on YOU to continue to spread our blogs like …wild fire.

We did this together.


New York City labor unions are preparing to back the unwieldy grassroots band occupying a park in Lower Manhattan, in a move that could mark a significant shift in the tenor of the anti-corporate Occupy Wall Street protests and send thousands more people into the streets.

The Transit Workers Union Local 100’s executive committee, which oversees the organization of subway and bus workers, voted unanimously Wednesday night to support the protesters. The union claims 38,000 members. A union-backed organizing coalition, which orchestrated a large May 12 march on Wall Street before the protests, is planning a rally on Oct. 5 in explicit support. And SEIU 32BJ, which represents doormen, security guards and maintenance workers, is using its Oct. 12 rally to express solidarity with the Zuccotti Park protesters.


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