[VIDEO] Essex County, MA Locates 6,000+ DOCx "Linda Green" Documents


[VIDEO] Essex County, MA Locates 6,000+ DOCx “Linda Green” Documents

[VIDEO] Essex County, MA Locates 6,000+ DOCx “Linda Green” Documents

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home…you need to hear this. Hank found a signature buried deep in your mortgage documents could be a ticking time bomb for thousands of Massachusetts homeowners. For those in foreclosure: it could be a lifesaver. It’s a shocking, amazing, unbelievable story. Hank Investigates.


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5 Responses to “[VIDEO] Essex County, MA Locates 6,000+ DOCx “Linda Green” Documents”

  1. I have stacks of Linda Green, Chrystal Moore, Leticia Quintana and more ROBO signers.Including one that was not on the internet. G. Hernandez claiming to be assistant secretary of Recontrust, then claiming to be assistant secretary of MERS, then is a notary on another documents witnessing an assignment from Recontrust to MERS. Three conflicting jobs all one person G. Hernandez. I found these in Pierce County and King County, Washington. I have turned them into the Department of Recordsa and Rob McKenna, the WA Attorney General.I have e-mailed them to Lynn Syzmonaik.

  2. Michael Comer says:

    Shelly A. Erickson please contact me as soon as possible about your info. concerning G. Hernandez.

  3. Michelle I am not sure I saw this and contacted you Please email me at Shelleystotalbodyworks@comcast.net and I will email you the pdf of G. Hernandez and please email me yours.So sorry I did not see this until now.

  4. Fernando Martins says:

    Shelley, I have G. Hernandez as a Notary on one of my documents, I would so much appreciate you sending me any documents you have available on G. Hernandez so that I can give them to my attorney. Thx

  5. Fernando Martins says:

    Here is my email:dfcmartins@yahoo.com


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