Four generation home lost to foreclosure


Four generation home lost to foreclosure

Four generation home lost to foreclosure


After living in one Omaha home for decades, it’ll have a new owner. However, it’s not by choice.

Judi Lee, 75, is being forced to move out after failing to amend a loan.

Ten years ago, Lee’s mother used the home for collateral on a 45,000 dollar loan through Wells Fargo.

“She was 90 and she lived two years after the loan was taken out,” Lee said.

Wells Fargo stated the law prohibits discrimination for age.

When Lee’s mother and uncle died, Judi couldn’t make the $250 monthly payment on a fixed income. She requested a loan modification.


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One Response to “Four generation home lost to foreclosure”

  1. Charles Reed says:

    Obama economy worked for everybody except blacks who needed guidance but Obama was not trying to hear that and was working for one of the richest men on the planet in Warren Buffett who could have told this woman to simply continue to pay the $250 per month because that payment was not getting any lower unless the Fed Bank gave her a zero percent interest rate loan like they did when giving Wells $391 billion at zero percent when they were bankrupt and needed a hand.

    This lady at zero percent would have had a payment of $125 per month, as Wells had a $1,086,111,111 payment at zero percent to the Fed instead of at 2% interest rate the payment would have been Wells $1,445,212,138. So we’re talking a 359,100,026 at 2% but in short-term loans what was the margin Wells was getting in lending that zero percent monies?

    Buffett charged Goldman Sachs $10% in a short-term on $5 billion with is $500 million per year in interest! Henry Ford had it right that interest is the work of the Devil! Buffett was not creating anything just adding interest on anything!


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