State's highest court holds public hearing over foreclosure rule changes


State’s highest court holds public hearing over foreclosure rule changes

State’s highest court holds public hearing over foreclosure rule changes

Denver Post-

Colorado’s Supreme Court is considering changes to courtroom rules that would ensure consumers can better challenge a foreclosure before their homes can be taken.

The court is holding a public hearing Thursday over changes to the state’s Rule 120 process, which gives homeowners the opportunity to contest a foreclosure by appearing in court, but is poorly understood and rarely used.

The most critical of several proposed changes would make sure a homeowner is actually heard by a judge. As it stands, the process requires a homeowner to provide a response within a set time after being notified of the Rule 120 hearing. If they don’t, a hearing is not held and the foreclosure order is usually rubber-stamped — even if the homeowner shows up in court at the previously scheduled time.

“What’s really different is that when you are told something is scheduled for a hearing, you won’t appear that day and meet shut doors,” said Frederick Skillern, a former district judge in the 18th Judicial District and chairman of the committee that drafted the changes. “If you’re told there’s a hearing, there will be a judge for you to talk to.”


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2 Responses to “State’s highest court holds public hearing over foreclosure rule changes”

  1. Randall Stephens says:

    “Bankers say a lawyer’s word should be good enough because they face discipline if they intentionally hide the truth.”

    How do you feel about trusting bankers opinions in regard to lawyers trustworthiness?

  2. Fred R Schneider says:

    This is so true as I know first hand with five loans that were allegedly originated and funded by Countrywide Home Loans.

    I have been the victim of a part time judge (now full time help us all) here in Montrose, Colorado who is a complete farce and travesty of justice!! He would not even listen to me at the hearing and mocked me for bringing an arm loan of evidence stating people have come with “bigger armfuls to his court”!!!

    He also completely ignored my reply that included uncontested documents presented to me by three lawfirms on behalf of nasty old Bank of America that were forged, fabricated, phony and signed by known “robo signers” like Michele Sjolander and I pointed out there was even her deposition on the Internet.

    You can beat our very own government who is well aware of all this and hiding under Fannie Mae and others (Fannie and Freddie where taken over by GSE all the way back in 2008 and they ARE PART of this huge problem making claim they own loans when they do NOT!!! The CFPB is a complete joke and just as inept and dysfunction as all the others. Read what Justice McKinnon said the the Supreme Court Ruling in Montana against nasty old Bank of America and the SC was backed by an Attorney General with balls in the Amicus Brief. We are getting totally screwed and I have been fighting this for over five years and have all the proof to back up the phony, forged, fabricated documents provided to me in all my FIVE loans.

    I hope and pray things go forward and great in the recent 10th Circuit Court Ruling in Colorado in the George et al. V. Urban Settlement and Bank of America –SEMPER FI


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