Quelle Surprise?? FBI is a Member of MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.)


Quelle Surprise?? FBI is a Member of MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.)

Quelle Surprise?? FBI is a Member of MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.)

H/T Attorney Kenneth Eric Trent

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Corporate Name: FBI
Address: 935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
City,State,Zip: Washington, DC
Toll Free Number:
Direct Number: (202) 324-5503
Website: http://www.fbi.gov
Member Org ID: 1007334

source: mersinc.org

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2 Responses to “Quelle Surprise?? FBI is a Member of MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.)”

  1. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    Has this metaphor EVER been more appropriate?


    I think not.

  2. http://kareemsalessi.com/litigation-discovery-documents/

    FBI part of MERS-based counterfeiting system?


    Above interesting page from this website, has an excerpt of MERS deposition of April, 2010, where MERS treasurer confessed that MERS is nothing but a computer database; has no employees; and has no existence outside that database! (i.e.: MERS is a totally criminal computer operation, as in Al Qaeda which in Arabic translates to Database).

    Since before the above MERS deposition, I have documented in California, and federal courts, that MERS was nothing but a fraudulent database (Al Qaeda) created only to facilitate the unlimited counterfeiting of worthless junk bonds which have been sold to unwary buyers as investment-grade U.S. real estate Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS).

    MERS computer database allows assignment of any specific mortgage to countless MBS sold to U.S. and foreign buyers who were made to believe that their MBS was backed with real U.S. real estate mortgages, unaware that each of the said mortgages, listed in the portfolio of their purchased MBS, also appears in at least 200 other MBS similarly sold to other unwary buyers around the world.
    MERS must have been the means of assigning $7 trillion U.S. mortgages , 200 times over, to at least $1.4 quadrillion worth of MBS junk bond counterfeits printed, and marketed, in U.S., and worldwide. The purchase of those MBS junk bonds caused massive losses to foreign nations as well as those U.S. entities which bought them, many of which when bust, such as Detroit, San Bernardino, New Orleans, and probably all U.S. pension funds (public and private).

    The only reason for a MERS commercial membership is to commit similar unlimited criminal counterfeiting operations by such fraudulent mortgage assignments.

    FBI membership in MERS may be for having initiated similar counterfeiting operations and having sold FBI’s own counterfeit junk bonds in the U.S., and around the world, in order to bankrupt Americans, and other nationals as a result of losing their money paid in exchange for possible FBI-MBS junk bonds, and possibly under the false flag of clandestine operations (a/k/a: Black-Ops), for raising illegal money, as well as causing social unrest and genocides, U.S.-wide and globally, in the course of implementation of “Agenda-21”, an engineered plan of global genocide, by the “Royal and elite”.

    Alternatively, FBI may be a MERS member to obtain law-enforcement access to MERS database in order to monitor its activities for illegalities. Assuming this latter scenario to be the case, it implies that FBI has known all along that MERS has been committing colossal counterfeiting by assigning same mortgages to countless MBS pools. This also means that FBI has been protecting the MERS criminal enterprise, and its unabated counterfeiting, and thus making FBI itself a part and parcel of the MERS-based criminal enterprise, because FBI should have busted everyone involved with MERS a long time ago and declared it illegal, which is FBI’s official, and exclusive, responsibility, which prevents private individuals from prosecuting the criminal who fabricated MERS, and those who have been benefiting from it.

    MERS deposition excerpt is also posted in this page of this website:


    My comments in this other page are also related to this comment:


    “Royal and elite” is attributed to the world’s ruling families, by the retired Judge Dale (now whistle-blower), whose book was linked on other pages of this website recently.

    Thank you for posting this comment.

    “Kareem Salessi 2-10-16”


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