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BREAKING NEWS!  (with a little op-ed thrown in for flavor …)

(KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA) — The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Osceola County’s complaint to the Department of Justice in Washington, DC has now been referred to the Tampa office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for follow-up.  The Clerk has personally informed me that he intends to “follow up” to make sure that the FBI is aware of 17 cases of hard evidence now in the hands of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Initially, on September 11, 2015, Osceola Clerk Armando Ramirez sent a letter [ Deputy Attorney General – Ltr Osceola County Clerk ] to the office of Deputy U.S. Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates, who put out a 7-page press release, declaring her department’s intent to seek out the wrongdoers who personally contributed to the financial collapse of 2008.  It appears that the DOJ is passing the buck to the FBI so the local authorities can now “have a crack at it … as a courtesy”.

The letter that Hon. Ramirez received can be read here: Response from James C. Mann, US Department of Justice

Clearly, the DOJ either doesn’t understand the complexity of things in the scenario presented in the OSCEOLA COUNTY FORENSIC EXAMINATION or they don’t want to touch it with a 10-foot pole (sic).

IMHO … (is it time to trash the response?) …

Paragraph 1 of the DOJ’s response (Ms. Yates herself couldn’t even respond to the complaint of an elected public official; instead she has an “acting deputy” respond) clearly indicates that someone in the DOJ read the letter.  It’s just that whether or not they actually went in and perused the Report itself remains to be seen.

Paragraph 2 of the DOJ’s response appears to placate the Clerk!  The Clerk of the Circuit Court does NOT have a private right of action to file a complaint with the CFPB, which has turned out to be nothing more than a “catch-all toilet” for everyone’s problems.  Like the FTC (another useless acronym in DC), the CFPB only investigates things when thousands of people are affected by the same fraud.  The problem here is … again … as demonstrated in lawsuits filed by Clerks, Recorders and Registers of Deeds across the country against MERS and others deemed to be responsible for the mess does not constitute a private right of action for the Clerk of Osceola County.  I believe this paragraph was placed here to “pass the buck” while placating the Clerk himself for his efforts.  This isn’t “walking the walk”, it’s only “talking the talk”.  But what did you expect?  It’s DC right?

Paragraph 3, even though the intent seems apparent, is more of an insult.  “As a courtesy” could have been restated to say: “I personally have forwarded your correspondence to _____(name of investigator at the Tampa FBI)_____ at the Tampa office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for follow-up.  I have provided him with your contact information and have urged him to contact you as soon as possible.”

Instead, the letter read, as I paraphrase here: “As a courtesy … the DOJ sent your letter to the local FBI office in Tampa … but let us placate you further by saying something obvious that you are well aware of (since you are a former investigator for the New York DA’s office) … that the FBI is relied upon to do fact-finding in federal criminal cases.”  Unless someone contacts the appropriate “person”, nothing gets done.  So the Hon. Ramirez intends to find out WHO in the Tampa FBI office got his correspondence and to set up communications with local officials to get them to look into WHY the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department is sitting on 17 cases of certified documents from the Clerk’s office, yet can find no wrongdoing.

Notice that you (in this letter to the Clerk) have been provided with an address and a contact number to reach out to the Tampa FBI office.  Don’t you think it’s time you came out in support of the Forensic Examination, whether you were directly affected or not, and sent a letter to the FBI (or contacted someone directly affected or mentioned in the Forensic Examination) and started “informing” the FBI of what is going on here?  In other words, I think it’s time the FBI heard from the public! Now that you have a contact number, “reach out and touch someone”!   Until the investigative arm of the DOJ hears full well what is going on here, the results of this Forensic Examination will have fallen on deaf ears. Believe me, once we get the name of the FBI’s contact person in Tampa, they will be hearing from the Clerk and those associated with his commissioned Report.  This Clerk deserves your accolades, your vote this coming November and your follow-up support in making the FBI pay attention to the details of this Report!

As for the DOJ … is this political or what?   Why put out a press release if you’re not even going to “walk the walk”?   Why am I not surprised? (sigh)

The referral to the CFPB will also fall on deaf ears, but this is what happens when the DOJ doesn’t want to address something head-on.  Sadly, Prof. Christopher Peterson (who authored white papers on MERS) and James T. Sugarman (former Assistant AG for the Washington AG’s office who authored the amicus brief in the Bain decision against MERS) AmicusBrief.2012-02-14 were hired away from their positions as “defenders of the homeowner” and enticed with bureaucratic positions in the CFPB (as enforcement chiefs).  Since they’ve gone to DC, I can’t even reach them (and I’ve made phone calls and left messages, which have not been returned). So much for government enforcement, eh?

“And ye shall know them by their fruits …”  Matthew 7:16

The fact that the Mr. Ramirez even received a response, rubber stamped “NOV 25 2015” … flies in the face of complicity because the current Congress is trying to water down the powers of the CFPB while diluting the Dodd-Frank Act.   On the local front, to anyone in Osceola County (or anywhere else in Florida for that matter) whose land records or court cases have been infiltrated with the same phony, manufactured documents … NOW is the time for YOUR voice to be heard … timing is everything.

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