All Of MERS's "Certifying Officer" Authority Hangs In The Balance!


All Of MERS’s “Certifying Officer” Authority Hangs In The Balance!

All Of MERS’s “Certifying Officer” Authority Hangs In The Balance!

Clouded Titles-

The studies and arguments surrounding the battle between county clerks and recorders, property owners and MERS and MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. fka MERSCORP, Inc. have been ongoing since the entity officially surfaced in 1995. When former MERSCORP CEO R. K. Arnold proceeded to go around the country and extol the virtues of what I consider the “wet dream” called MERS, I had to wonder (based on my research) what real authority MERS, MERSCORP, Arnold or his sidekick, William Hultman, actually had, when it came to giving out “titles” to $10 an hour employees of document manufacturing plants, foreclosure mill law firms or employees of contractually-bound MERSCORP members. To date, most homeowners fighting foreclosure issues have been confused by looking at MERS assignments, wondering what they really represent.

The 1st DCA ruling in Texas (Vasquez v. Deutsche Bank Trust Company) seems to bare out part of the equation. If one looks at the transcripts and sees the deposition of Bryan J. Bly, and reads this appellate court’s opinion on forgery, one would certainly wonder why Mr. Bly and his cohorts at Nationwide Title Clearing aren’t in prison, along with attorneys from Ackerman-Senterfitt (for suborning perjury), who represent banks in foreclosure actions and appear to be bringing whatever tripe they can into defending people like this. In the deposition in the Vasquez case, Ackerman-Senterfitt (offices in Tampa, FL) represented Bryan J. Bly, who admitted that he had no idea who affixed his electronic signature to anything. Bly is also a Florida notary, at least for now. Anyone watching his old depositions that they managed to scour off of YouTube before they were removed by court order can see what this man’s level of education is. Signing IC? Really? Nationwide Title Clearing … a document mill? Has dozens of MERS signing officers? I wonder what would happen if we unraveled the real facts and discovered there really wasn’t a legitimate signing authority? How many people would go to prison then?


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