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For the millions who have lost their homes to foreclosure, or are still losing their homes to the “too big to fail” banks, Mary McCulley is a hero. In February she stood up to those who caused the fraud which led to her foreclosure–and won. She obtained a $6 million award–including punitive damages—against US Bank. 

Yet on April 25, 2014, Mary was forcibly hauled off to federal prison for accusations by former American Title Land Company’s  Tom Cahill. Based solely on Cahill’s word, Mary was sentenced to one year in Federal Prison, plus another year of very harsh probation. She was immediately taken away by Federal Marshalls, and reported severe bruising after being roughed up. Mary is 56 years old.

On February 7, 2014, US Bank was found guilty in a jury trial of fraudulently foreclosing on Mary’s home. The jury found proof U.S. Bank swapped her loan using forged and altered loan documents.

When Mary learned her loan was swapped and her deed was forged, she reported it to the local police. When they did nothing, she reported it to the FBI. When they failed to act, she sued.

After months and months of having her case thrown out and getting nowhere, Mary was left to investigate her own fraud. Cahill was deposed by Mary in her civil lawsuit.

After that—and shortly before her trial against US Bank—Cahill suddenly contacted the FBI and accused Mary of “impersonating an FBI agent”—though she denies she ever did.

To many fighting the banks, this is an example of the kind of abuse they must endure. These charges against Mary should have been thrown out. Instead, while those responsible for forging Mary’s loan and almost causing her to successfully commit suicide go free—Mary sits in Federal Prison.

Before Mary gets transferred to a Federal Prison, her attorney will go before the judge one last time on April 28th to request another review of Mary’s case. Mary has a SHOT at getting out of prison to be with her mom, who has Alzheimer’s.

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  1. WhathePho? says:

    Thomas Cahill 406-522-5550

  2. GuyFawkesLives says:

    Anyone wanna meet me in Butte Montana for a little OccupyMontana action? Maybe do some actions outside of Security Title Company’s front door? Maybe in front of the Butte police station?

    I’m open to driving to Butte. NOW is the time. THIS IS THE DEFINING HOMEOWNER MOMENT.

  3. TheMotherload says:

    Thomas Cahill 406-522-5550

    Call this nasty ass man and tell him he’s going to experience a shitload of fuck.

  4. Kofi Obeng-Amponsah says:

    God does not like ugly. Those losers who caused her arrest will some day pay the utmost price. We are praying for her.

    Note: For those who are not aware, there similar ugle things going on in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in California. Homeowners who are fighting the banks are falsely being arrested by the Swat Teams in the middle of the night or at their work places and charged with false criminal charges. In one of the Riverside casea, the leader of the Swat Team told the couple, after being informed by couple that they have legal reflecting they own the prorty, that and I quote: “I do not care what legal papers you. I have decided to take this and give it to the bank. YOU NIGGERS ARE NOT COMING BACK TO THIS HOUSE.” There were 18 laser guided guns ponted at husband who was forced naked out of the house onto front lawn with the neighbors watching. The husband is purplebheart receipient.

  5. levi says:

    Don’t you get it? the FBI was set up strictly as the banker police. it is only under the presidential declaration of a national emergency-12USC 95(b) that these characters have any so-called “jurisdiction” in the several states. She petitioned her tormentors for relief, her remedy only is in the state courts, and she still can have her day at that level of due process over this federal mess. It’s past time for the public to face the overthrow of the nations finances, seditious overthrow of the government, and now this late date of 100 years of communism central banking. This destruction of all existing societies by world communism is exactly what has and is occurring in this nation today. We are the generation to live out, maybe assuming we survive individually, the collapse of our national finances, political and social structures and institutions. Socio-economic and political collapse. The monetary system is considered the “essential engine” of the economy. When that plug is pulled it’s over for most people. She said “No” but is shouting to a deaf people ruled over by wolves and evil personalities.

  6. Spartacus says:

    #FREE MARY McCULLEY!!! These scub sucking varmits have destroyed the Nation, sucked the life from our beautiful Country, manipuled the integrity from good to EVIL!!! Didn’t think anyone was bright enough to catch this toxic disposal? And to add insult to injury, you b_stards want us to serve your jail-time IF we figure out YOUR crimes? How corrupt is that?THINK AGAIN!!! #FREE MARY McCULLEY!!! #FREEMARYMcCULLEY!!! #FREEMARYMcCULLEY!!! Mary? If you are reading this, you are an American HERO!!! We have a cape waiting for you… XOXOXO


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