California: "God of Real Estate" (MERS v Robinson) fabuloso article Dave Krieger . . .


California: “God of Real Estate” (MERS v Robinson) fabuloso article Dave Krieger . . .

California: “God of Real Estate” (MERS v Robinson) fabuloso article Dave Krieger . . .

Pure moxie – you gotta love it!

“If I had a picture of the “God of Real Estate”, I would put a name tag on its “chest” that said “MERS” on it … because these people think they rule the world and that when its attorneys show up in court, I should sit in the corner and cower while they misrepresent the truth in court.  . . . MERS can’t do anything on its own because it’s a fiction, so it brings in its parents, MERSCORP Holdings, Inc., then filed an action in a California District Court attempting to get a judge to reverse and toss a quiet title action and expungement orders granted by a state judge (CA)  . . .  A federal judge tossing a state court judgment to quiet title? Really?  Apparently MERS’ counsel is so big for its britches it thinks it can order any judge to do its bidding.”

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2 Responses to “California: “God of Real Estate” (MERS v Robinson) fabuloso article Dave Krieger . . .”

  1. Mike says:


    CA Appellate decision published 2/20/2014.

    This should be added to the required reading list for anyone considering a QT action in CA…even, and especially, attorneys!

    Mr. Ramos’s QT action and subsequent default judgment “fizzled” out at the appellate level for DEFECTIVE SERVICE. This was after he and his attorney had already collected, split and spent most of the money judgment of $250,000+ !

  2. This very issue is what Deadly Clear site is trying to tell the lawyers and judges. MERS is fictious and does not exist. MERSCORP uses this fictious company not in existance anymore that could never hold a note or be a beneficiary, to confuse the courts and judges. MERS is a company that no longer exist, and MERSCORP is an entirely different company. Just like American Wholesale Lenders was a fictious company from the beginning to the end, never registered, never licensed to keep under the radar to pull tax funds to loan to homeowners, all illega and the mortgages done by AWL are unenforcable. and Countrywide and BOA are trying to cover this up as well as MERS whom was patented by BOA on the patent records, does not exist anymore. Was used as a shell game to steal the wealth. Cons and predators like confusion. This has been very successful until now. Some judges and lawyers are getting it. now. Just my unprofessional opinion.


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