Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) v Robinson | MERS GETS ITS ASS KICKED IN CALIFORNIA COURT! NOT A BENEFICIARY!


Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) v Robinson | MERS GETS ITS ASS KICKED IN CALIFORNIA COURT! NOT A BENEFICIARY!

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) v Robinson | MERS GETS ITS ASS KICKED IN CALIFORNIA COURT! NOT A BENEFICIARY!

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Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS)



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6 Responses to “Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) v Robinson | MERS GETS ITS ASS KICKED IN CALIFORNIA COURT! NOT A BENEFICIARY!”

  1. Papergate says:

    What we’ve been saying all along … “end of story” … judiciary just now catching up.

  2. Charles Reed says:

    Parergate your right and I been telling the White House, Justice Dept, FBI, Treasury, HUD, Ginnie Mae, VA, State of NE and Congress this is the case and Wells Fargo Bank handling of the WaMu government insured loans.

    The smoke screen for this crime was JPMorgan and FDIC deal to make it appear that JPM purchase these loan from that Sept 25, 2008 sale. However now that the great Jamie Dimon flipped the script and made the deal with the Justice Dept and is suing the FDIC the cat out the bag, that Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie Mae pooled loan were never a part of the deal.

    JPM only serviced the Fannie & Freddie loans and Wells Fargo serviced 1.3 million WaMu government insured loans. MERS came in and supplied the forgeries to all the court just like DocX did and told the courts that Wells was the “holder in due course”/lien holder/title holder, and process the properties for foreclosures.

    The Federal Government has been ripped off in 2009-2010 alone $8 billion in False Claims submitted and received by servicers/lenders that cannot show any proof of a payment made to them as owner of the debt.

    Wells Fargo alright admitted to the fact that they are not the owner of the WaMu loans debt! Game over as the taxpayer are due with treble damage $24 billion for 2009-2010!

  3. Charles Reed says:

    How did we ever get to the point were MERS is entering something in court as if the alleged owners were not on the face of the Earth? Why would any bank not be bringing the case to the court in the first place?

    Just as MERS is located in Reston VA and banks are located in whatever state as a National Bank with the ability to do business in the state were they are making loans, why would you need another entity in MERS to represent you, as you don’t have to be physically present?

    Let take Nebraska were MERS is not register to do business in the State and is not authorized to use the NE court system because of the lack of registration. NE Statute 76-2710 take MERS out the game of filing any documents because its does not have a financial interest in the loans.

    Take a WaMu loan that service by Wells Fargo and MERS jump in as the allege beneficiary in this chain of ownership, but WaMu itself cannot claim the right, as they are a “fail bank” and is no longer after Sept 25, 2008 can act as a bank, so MERS cannot act for the “failed bank”

    We got these clown claiming “Standing” but the link on government insured loans was broken when the lenders signed and endorsed the Note in blank and relinquished then without the exchange of monies.

    A Note is not a Note if it does not contain a debt, and a debt is not a debt if you not got a Note, and these two were separated when the Note were exchanged in order for the lender to participate in the selling of securities.

    The crime is exposed because WaMu DIED, and the simple transferring the blank Notes back to WaMu to foreclose on properties DIED also on Sept 25, 2008! Jig is up!

  4. Mike says:

    OK…I just filed a complaint in CA Superior 2 days ago, for wrongful foreclosure, quiet title, slander of title, cancellation of instruments and declaratory relief. Sound familiar?

    I named MERS as one of the defendants, but I now wonder whether I should dismiss MERS and not bother them 🙂

    Really, this decision makes such good sense, and I was reluctant to name them in the first place, can someone give me a reason why I shouldn’t dismiss them?

  5. Charles Reed says:

    Mike MERS has “No Standing” to bring action against you, and you need to look at who is currently on title as the lien holder and make sure they either originated the loan or purchase it with an actual exchange of monies!

  6. Glenda Aul says:

    What do I do? Have mers loan.


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