The most corrupt state(s) in America


The most corrupt state(s) in America

The most corrupt state(s) in America

What a coincidence on how the foreclosure fraud crisis was handled by the following states… this is pretty dead on! Although IOWA should have been next to Florida since they lead the 50 states AG settlement.


Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s indictment on charges that he accepted illegal gifts, vacations and loans from a major campaign contributor who sought special treatment is so shocking, in part, because McDonnell is the first governor in the history of the Commonwealth to face criminal charges. Unlike plenty of other states, Virginia doesn’t have a long history of scandals and ethics abuses.

Which states are more used to corruption? Well, depending on how you define corruption, it could be Florida, or Louisiana, or Tennessee, or New York, or Georgia. And then there’s the District of Columbia.


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4 Responses to “The most corrupt state(s) in America”

  1. Sarah says:

    The Post spins a tale about corruption as if it’s isolated to a few politicians. Quid pro quo is how the Post operates their news business so maybe editorial management is confused about corruption and simply sensationalizes a few stooges who get caught. In fact, big media has a role, a very important role, in assisting the really powerful to “get away with it”. It has always been this way really. It’s no surprise then that this leading pro war “rag” lacked detail, accuracy or coverage of the elite driven financial crisis and the resulting damage – especially to local communities.

    The hack product of their finance-clown “reporters” isn’t worth visiting even during times of boredom or apathy. Don’t click there. Paper copy of the Post can be used for paint overspray, mannequin assembly for burning politicians in effigy and to protect fragile goods for shipping.

  2. This can not be accurate. Washington State is so corrupted you could not find an honorable judge to tri an official or many would be in jail. The worst states let the criminals get away with it. This should be upside down and Washington is at the top even though unlisted due the worst corrupt states dont prosecute the politicains at all. The most honorable states would have the most successful prosecutions therefore show the most people prosecuted. Ponder that one. The chart should be turned around and the states not listed are the worst. To corrupted to prosecute.

  3. OOPs found Washington on the list. This surprises me. I stand that the more corrupted the state the less prosecutions you will find.

  4. Mark Bowen says:

    Not at all surprised to see Florida at the top of the list. Truth be told, everyone in office should be convicted of violations of constitutional oaths. But, then again, for the most part, it is not the individuals, necessarily, but the system itself. Consider Florida; the entire legal services industry (apart from being self regulated / really?) was constructed by the Florida Supreme Court without any Constitutional authority. Oh, yeah, they claim “inherent authority”; kiss my ass you foreclosure defendant rights stripping pricks. No authority, only color of law; sickening.


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