BofA, MERS Win Bid to Dismiss Most of Dallas County Suit


BofA, MERS Win Bid to Dismiss Most of Dallas County Suit

BofA, MERS Win Bid to Dismiss Most of Dallas County Suit


Bank of America Corp. (BAC:US) and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. persuaded a federal judge to dismiss most of a lawsuit claiming they shortchanged Texas counties out of uncollected mortgage filing fees.

U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in Dallas threw out claims of fraudulent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment and conspiracy in a lawsuit brought by Dallas County. O’Connor didn’t rule on a final claim, whether mortgage assignments must be recorded.

The judge had previously rejected other claims and the county’s request to pursue a class action, or group suit, against MERS and the bank. O’Connor said he would set a separate briefing schedule for the final claim.


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3 Responses to “BofA, MERS Win Bid to Dismiss Most of Dallas County Suit”

  1. Whoa! The shame in it all.

  2. Charles Reed says:

    The county are trying to get monies but are playing softball and the banks & MERS are playing hardball. The county need to bring up the criminal aspect of these cases, and the civil case will follow. The bank cannot take the easy road as they must present those forgeries that Szymoniak complaint presented, as the bank cannot have settled with the federal government for ROBO signing and not deal with where those document landed!

    The counties don’t want to help the wronged borrowers. These guys have to learn like the City of Baltimore who first took a bite at the apple taking the easy road, but had to include the borrowers in the second bite, because there is were the real crime is at!

  3. Sarah says:

    A Judge appointed by Bush whose “qualifications” and “behavior” as a “judge” should leave no one surprised. This is how it works. Who doesn’t see a huge problem with this level of power in the Judiciary?
    While this is one example of many, perhaps the day will come when this type of process is given more scrutiny by a larger part of society. Democracy demands it.

    ‘The game is rigged’ – George Carlin


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