Lainey Hashorva: Homeowner Hunger Games


Lainey Hashorva: Homeowner Hunger Games

Lainey Hashorva: Homeowner Hunger Games

By Lainey Hashorva

I’m zig zagging as fast as I can through this perverse fun house of psychological terrorism called “Modification”. The biggest part of this game is that we feel that we are on our own. The protocol in place by the servicer has been to strip us of our good credit, our years of hard work and the building of our investment, not to mention our home. Try being a small business owner with no access to credit.

Their methods of leaving us no where to turn as we have left no stone unturned
in alerting the powers that be, the attorney blogs, the groups of like
minded others in the fight of their lives, have left us bankrupt in so many ways.
Until you learn all the layers of this and the mind blowing levels of corruption and
deceit that so many are apart of you feel as if you’re losing your mind. I think it
absolutely is spiritual warfare – psychological warfare. I wasn’t kidding when I
said the Hunger Games. “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope
is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous.” So we call the “HOPE” hotline who reports
back to the banks. We somehow get a government grant to save our home
and they pay it to the BANK. We reach out to any and all govt officials and we get
back the same formulaic letters, the same inane questions. Apathetic dismissal
or no calls returned at all. It’s a test of tenacity and a robotic enterprise has no
shame, no humanity and no moral compass. The entire city of Richmond CA is
implementing Eminent Domain to try to do what the federal govt should be doing
and the city is being shredded by the bank cartel. They have the might and the
tenacity – and the insatiable greed that pays every level off. I think this is all a
huge awakening for those of us in the belly of it. We need to chew on the belly as
much as we can and make as much noise and discomfort, acid reflux. We are
making a difference. I know it doesn’t feel like it but we are. One thing that helps
to center your power is if you can TRY to take some of the emotion out of it
(nearly impossible), but it’s more empowering for YOU. Document everything, record
everything, share and write to the press and the media. We are showing
patterns of abuse, we are building our cases, we are helping one another and we
are turning the tide. Networking with one another is key, keeping a log of your
efforts is key, learning the lingo and the paths to appeal to is key. We are educating
each other, learning from each other and supporting each other in this cavernous
journey for justice and the “hope” that our system of laws will not continue
to betray us.

Lainey Hashorva is a Social Media Activist, Investigative Journalist and Entrepreneur. Join the discussion on Facebook  in her group,  Fraudclosure Fighters with like minded others. Please visit her ETSY store LaineyBean.


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8 Responses to “Lainey Hashorva: Homeowner Hunger Games”

  1. Incognito123 says:

    Still bottom line, can’t modify what is not owed.

  2. Texas Tea says:

    Carry on my wayward child….there will be peace WHEN WE ARE DONE WITH THIS.

  3. DolleyMadison says:


  4. Sarah says:

    Go Richmond! Break TBTF.

  5. Elaine says:

    God do I feel your pain. You said it all Lainey! Our small business dried up when the entire economy crashed – our income was cut over 50% – we lost the business and now are fighting to save the only assett we own. The want the house and the equity that was supposed to be our retirment. We are both 58 and will NEVER recover.

  6. Master Chief says:

    Did I read this correctly; ” …we SOMEHOW get a GRANT to save our home.” (Grants do not require you to pay the money back) If that is true, what the hell are you bitchin’ about? BofA STOLE my home, a CD of 417,000.00 and my checking/savings accounts containing over 18,000.00 combined.

    After 27 years of Military Service, I’ve been ROBBED by the same person/entity twice. Yet that was NOT enough, this thief (BofA) decides that a 100% Service Connected – Totally & Permanently Disabled Veteran (me), his wife and Dachshund “Gretchen”, are better off with no home and should live in a VAN in WalMart parking lots for ETERNITY. I only assume this is BofA’s preference since it has reported to the major credit agencies of giving me not one (1) buit THREE (3) different VA HOME LOANS! All of ahich are in different states!

    Government officials were given copies of the fraud sham closing that we had no idea took place, the property that was “sold” to us – WAS NOT FOR SALE! It was owned by the County by way of a Rural Water District. There exists forged documents concerning the Modular Home (trailer house) that shows it was manufactured in Texas as requested by the couple who ordered it and STILL LIVE IN IT IN TEXAS. The list goes on and the documents of evidence requires FOUR (4) boxes.

    Our foreclosure was instigated by a FORECLOSURE MILL with an UNSIGNED, UN-NOTARIZED petition that had attached an UNSIGNED OSWORN OATH & AFFIRMATION! During the proceedings (we tried to fight) we received a letter from the above mentioned THIEF – BofA, wherein it states: “…we do not own nor do we have any records of the home loan you inquired about. Bank of America also can not find records of ever having been involved in any loan in which you are mentioned.” Great for court right? No, judge WILL NOT ACCEPT it, announced in open court he DID NOT EVEN READ our ANSWER! “You can’t have a free house. FORECLOSED! Get out by….”

    So lady with a magically received grant – cry that river near ANY WalMart parking lot about 8PM. Some of us could use the water.

    Disgustfully Not yours,
    Master Chief

  7. swaim says:

    thanks for this. We have old Countrywide loan, sold to BofA, who sold parts 3 times, now serviced by SPS (we no longer know who owns loan). Countrywide loan was Fannie, but BofA changed that (without our knowledge) We tried for HAMP with BofA who qualified us then sold to SPS who denied it. SPS app for HAMP since July 2. SPS calls every week asking for ‘taxes’ then says they have taxes, then says app is at underwriters then says ‘app closed no taxes’ Now says start over, then says all forms in except 4560T & lost page 2 of RMA (refaxed) now says takes a few days to get faxes in system. SPS fined $40 million) in 2009 for mortgage fraud.


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