Desert Storm Veteran Mark Harris Arrested after refusing to leave home after foreclosure


Desert Storm Veteran Mark Harris Arrested After Refusing to Leave Home After Foreclosure

Desert Storm Veteran Mark Harris Arrested After Refusing to Leave Home After Foreclosure

Creative Loafing Atlanta-

Desert Storm veteran and longtime metro Atlanta resident Mark Harris was arrested on Saturday for refusing to leave his property after being foreclosed upon and evicted. His eviction came after months of trying to negotiate a compromise with lender Fannie Mae over the mortgage payments on his Avondale Estates home.

According to Harris, police officers knocked on his door around 8 a.m. Friday morning, allegedly with their guns drawn, and told him he was being evicted.

“They knocked on my door at 8:15 a.m. My neighbor called and said there were a lot of police cars in front of my house … and when I opened the door, two police officers had their guns drawn and they said they were here to evict me,” Harris told CL Friday morning as he stood on his lawn and watched his belongings get removed from the house and placed in his front yard. After watching his house be emptied, Harris decided that he would not simply surrender his property.

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2 Responses to “Desert Storm Veteran Mark Harris Arrested After Refusing to Leave Home After Foreclosure”

  1. Sarah says:

    Green Tree Mortgage Servicing. There’s money in these evictions, nothing else matters.

  2. Charles Reed says:

    Problem I see is that Mayor Reed is to busy in Washington DC with his boy friend Obama worried if people in Texas have to show their driver license or State ID. However Mayor Reed does not look at the statics where blacks in GA would have qualified for better loan but they were fed subprime loans and while being denied FHA & VA loan as there were no bank black Prime/Government mortgage loan officers.

    What happen when black were not treated like whit in the Middle of the country. When black were sold these screwed up loans it not only cause them pain but it caused widespread unemployment and folks with prime and federal government insured loans to lose their jobs.

    However Mayor Reed is so busy running behind Obama and on Network Sunday shows, that he actually believe that housing is OK in his city but you can still buy a $1 million house of 2007 for $400,000 today.

    Obama and this Mayor are under the impression the 4.2 million modification that were not completed was success and 10 million foreclosure since 2007 across the country and one of the number one areas foreclosure was and is Atlanta. This is summer and as with every year summer increases home sales but Oct is always after Sept, and sale will be down until spring, and will be even further down if the Federal Government shuts down. But what the heck about this veteran or the 50,000 that were illegally foreclosed on by the Federal Government itself in Ginnie Mae.

    Obama don’t care about the Troops as he to busy playing freaking golf. My veteran neighbor is about to get his last leg saw off but cannot get a refinance or modification because Obama don’t care as its been 3yr freaking years!

    Two legs for defending the country and his Commander in Chief is up in Martha Vineyard again…but what a leg between friend when Obama got both of his!


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