Mortgage Jobs Sent to India By U.S. Banks


Mortgage Jobs Sent to India By U.S. Banks

Mortgage Jobs Sent to India By U.S. Banks

Note the WSJ article Page B-4 today 5/28/13 and only through a paid subscription online—-“Mortgage Jobs Sent to India By U.S. Banks”  –indeed while this is not exactly new—– If you caught my post trying to get information on Countrywide/Bank of America’s, I explained that “NO PAPER IS BEING SHUFFLED“, and that they could not keep up with the work load of incoming orders.(from my source in 2010). Pay close attention to this picture because this is exactly as it was with the modifications!



from an emailed tip–

The outsourced services include assembly of all the loan documents needed to foreclose——also all the decision-making documents and analysis to recommend “modifications” –or not to modify.

anybody that ever ran into a credit card issue with Vicram Pandits Citbank unit should be very familiar with how this will work out……….the largest advantage to banks I see is that they will not risk some gumshoe tracking down a Korell Harp at DOCX and getting him to describe how they operate

I do not see how anybody at a bank could testify on the process either—–that the documents were verified etc—–is your original note going to fly to India–that is part of the file that is of critical importance—-how can someone in India assert that the ban in fact has possession of a document thousands of miles away—–so much for DUE PROCESS

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4 Responses to “Mortgage Jobs Sent to India By U.S. Banks”

  1. One might consider people in India are not going to turn into whistle blowers either. This is going to cause more confusion which is on the banks side, however I can see how it will be very hard for the banks to prove personal knowledge. The banks are losing companies willing to do counterfeit documents here, perhaps they are able to do this better in India. This crime needs to be nipped in the butt. Taking away American jobs will help the banks cause more defaults here to past bank employees, which dominoes the effect to other jobs and businesses. The banks are in the default business nothing but defaults and scams charges and fees. To many (and there are many in our state), judge’s are blocking due process, and need to be exposed for this crime, to stop the need and use for counterfeits by the banks, for discovery and expert witnesses in a real court of law and not a court that is a crime scene itself, that goes by due process and the rule of law will stop this crime. To many courts are crime scenes themselves. A wonderful lawyer I personally know of was fooled by the counterfeits until she discovered the notes were counterfeits she had told me Shelley I have seen hundreds of authentic notes I know they exist. So perhaps some of the judges truly did not believe the banks would produce counterfeits to the court. Now she has proven not only one counterfeit in each case but up to two different counterfeit notes in one case. I realized she had discovered them all to probably be counterfeit when I was in a court room as a witness for a client of hers and she told the judge before I began to find counterfeit notes in discovery and depositions I would never have believed the banks to be presenting counterfeit notes ever in my wildest dreams , to the court and now I know this is happening. Two Counterfeit notes in one case recently. The lawyers and judges were fooled just like the people that would never believe the banks would be so deceitful and corrupt. We trusted thugs thieves and pirates. Believing there were also regulations in place to protect the consumers, that have been wiped out by deregulation. The tides are turning, and judges are becoming aware of the fraud and are beginning to believe the peoples claims. I am hearing of more cases being ruled in favor of the homeowners due to discovery of counterfeits and fraud documents. That can only be produced by banks and their corrupt document servicing companies. Very suspicious the banks are sending their document servicing over seas to India.

  2. Judges are turning a blind eye to Washington State Supreme Court justice rulings. Judge Dixon told a homeowner I know that the Bains case was not accepted in his courtroom. Judge Tabor would not allow discovery nor an evidentuairy hearing on the same company West One that had been deposed and admitted to fraud and two counterfeits in the same case and commonly wet stamp endorsing photo copies of notes. It is easy to understand how so many homeowners have been wrongfully foreclosed when not in default. When the judges deny our Constitutional rights and due process. And ignor Supreme court rulings.

  3. Sarah says:

    The entire fortune 500 is outsourcing, not only the Bankster-Information Technology mafia. The irony is that while jobs are being gutted for years on end, Banks are simultaneously preying with 30 year liars loans. This is the art form of technology driven debt violence, ,theft with civility just short of holding a gun to people’s heads.


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