Corrupt Congress Is About to Make Financial System Even WORSE


Corrupt Congress Is About to Make Financial System Even WORSE

Corrupt Congress Is About to Make Financial System Even WORSE

The Big Picture-

Congress Did Nothing to Rein In One of the Main Causes of the Financial Crisis … and Is About to Let Things Get Even MORE Insane

Out-of-control derivatives were largely responsible for the 2008 financial crisis … and still pose a massive threat to the economy.

Unchecked derivatives are so harmful to the economy that:

  • Warren Buffet called them “weapons of mass destruction”
  • A Nobel prize winning economist who helped develop derivatives pricing said some of them were so dangerous that they should be “blown up or burned”
  • Newsweek called them “The Monster that Ate Wall Street” after the financial crash

This is especially true since the big banks are manipulating the hundred trillion dollar derivatives market.

No, the big “financial reform” bill passed in the wake of the financial crisis didn’t fix anything.  We noted last year:

No, there have not been any reforms or attempts to rein in derivatives, and the Dodd-Frank financial legislation was really just a p.r. stunt which didn’t really change anything.

Indeed, the derivatives “reform” legislation previously passed has probably actually weakened existing regulations, and the legislation was “probably written by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs“.



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One Response to “Corrupt Congress Is About to Make Financial System Even WORSE”

  1. I read a headline this morning captioning an article discussing how our state government is debating over insurance coverage of abortions. As I read this I am struck with how ignorant and ineffective our government leadership has become. Consequently, I am inspired to make the following comments.
    As our government officials discuss abortion issues, marijuana legislation, gay marriage, cutting budgets, raising taxes or many other issues that should be of secondary concern , they are doing next to nothing to correct the real crisis we face today. Discussing these issues while ignoring the corruption that has destroyed our housing industry, construction industry and all supporting industry is akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. There is a silent epidemic that is spreading across our land and in fact the world it has destroyed businesses, communities and lives while it has facilitated distribution of wealth upward to the ultra wealthy. I believe our leadership is complicit as they fail to hold the parties accountable that have systematically raped and pillaged our society and extracted the wealth from the middle class via a premeditated engineered implosion of our economy that has left Americans destroyed and struggling to survive.

    How can they be discussing abortion coverage when millions of Americans have lost their health insurance and no longer even have access to the system at all? How can they waste public resources discussing whether to outlaw the Big Gulp while children go hungry and homeless? Children of families that only 5 years ago were thriving members of the middle class. The old arguments no longer apply. These people are not deadbeats. They are hard working decent Americans who have been beaten and abused by the very system that they worked their entire lives to support. In the case of oiur veterans they have fought, bled and died for this system and the values it was meant to protect. Now when they need the help the most our leadership is doing what it can to dismantle the safety net.

    Recently I read how legislation has been suggested that will prohibit people the ability to get a passport if they owe back taxes. This strikes me as an attempt to remove the ability to even leave the country if one had the means to or should decide to. In effect we will all become prisoners to a system that is destroying our ability to pursue happiness and certainly is not providing for the common welfare. There will be no escape.

    In the last several years I have observed a systematic rape and pillage of the American people. As our money, homes, careers and ability to remain independent has been stripped from us while our leadership has stood impotently by and in many cases has facilitated it. 40% of the wealth of the middle class has essentially evaporated. We live in a country now that allows the old, the sick and the and the disabled to be stripped of their homes, their security and their dignity while the greedy financiers carry out their schemes of exploitation and abuse. I have witnessed a woman in 4 stage cancer who while she was undergoing treatment, as Wells Fargo threw her belongings out on her lawn and she was evicted from her home. Meanwhile the able bodied have been stripped of their careers, dignity and hope. I have witnessed a man who one had a thriving business with 8 employees, a home and two beautiful children break down in my office because he had lost everything, had the IRS wipe out his bank account and now he was left fighting for his home and barely able to feed his family. On another occasion, I had a middle age man who had worked his entire life and struggled to build a future for his family through the sweat of his brow, break down crying in my office as his teen aged son looked on. He described how another bank through trickery and fraud was stealing his home. He now was losing everything including any hope for a future. These stories are not unique. The are becoming the norm. Men and women who once held family wage jobs are now being told to “take a bath and get a job” at McDonalds or Walmart.
    I have seem marriages break up, children left homeless, the sick left to die and once strong proud people pushed to the point of despair and sometimes suicide. I have seen empty houses left behind as people left in the night with little more than the shoes on their feet in shame and despair. While I observe this going on I observe little to no response from our government or the American people. Nor do I see a response from the religious establishment either but that is for another discussion.

    What will it take for Americans to take action? Are we going to continue to sit on our hands while our very way of live is destroyed and our ability to provide for ourselves and our families is stripped from us? How long are we going to buy in to the left right, liberal v conservative argument? Why do we continue to drink the red and blue kool-aide? When will we realize that those arguments are merely a distraction manufactured by the plutocrats that seek to enslave us . These arguments serve to divide us as people and weaken us as a nation, as they are intended to do. The time has come to set aside these benign arguments, at least for a time and unite as a people against the forces that seek to destroy us…all of us. No matter your religion, race, lifestyle choice or political persuasion is time to identify the true enemy of the American way of life…the agents of the corporatocracy.

    It is time to turn off the television as it is merely a tool to pacify the masses. It is time to educate yourself and wake up from the dream that no longer exists. It is time to open your eyes to the corruption that has destroyed the integrity of our systems and it is time to participate in the process that our fore fathers fought and died for. It is time to demand justice. It is time to demand accountability. It is time to stop merely complaining and blaming and time to start taking personal responsibility for the problems we face. We are in fact part of the problem as apathy and complacency ruled the day and we blindly went about our business and pursuit of the American dream while our leadership and financiers engineered the systematic implosion of our economy. But we can and must change that.

    We must wake up to the fact that the time has come to initiate action. We are on brink of total destruction. Anyone who spends a bit of time researching and observing can’t help from come to this conclusion. Cyprus and Greece are the canaries in the mine. What they are experiencing will hit our shores in a matter of time.

    Personally, I have lost my health insurance, my marriage and my security as a result of the crisis. I have a son who is graduating and the only hope of security he has is to join the military and become part of the military industrial complex. My daughter who worked since 6th grade to graduate from high school at the top of her class, will graduate from college saddled with debt and little hope of securing the job she once dreamed of as she competes in the pool of diminishing employment. I am on the work till you die retirement plan and the just don’t get sick health care plan. I don’t go to the doctor, not because I can’t afford the visit but because I could never afford treatment if I was sick. I work hard every day but become increasingly discouraged as my dollar loses its power.

    Is this what this country has come to? How long until we realize what we once had is gone? We claim that America is the best country on the earth and that we are a free people but in fact we are shackled debt slaves. How long till we remove the shackles via non-compliance and civil action?
    I ask you not to assume what I say is true. I ask you to research on your own. Reach out to your neighbors and friends. Explore the information readily on the internet. Open your eyes. Then come to your own conclusions and then do what you must. I believe as Americans we have it within us to restore this great nation. We are patriots of a new age. Equipped with knowledge we can unite as a people and demand justice, accountability and restoration of the systems that made our country great.

    Here is the take away. Do your research, decide upon the issue that seems to be most important and then do something about it. Get involved in local, state and federal politics. Talk to people, write your local paper, post on social media sites, and finally write your legislators. The strongest motivation for our elected representatives is re-election. By sending the message that we are not happy with their performance we send the message that they will soon be out of a job if they do not respond to the collective voice of the people. If we do not make this small effort and essentially initiate a non-violent revolution, we will make a violent revolution inevitable. We are patriots of a new age and the time to act is now!

    Michelle Darnell

    Foreclosure Defense Administrator /Paralegal

    Stafne Law Firm


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