Charlotte FBI head, Chris Briese takes job at Bank of America


Charlotte FBI head, Chris Briese takes job at Bank of America

Charlotte FBI head, Chris Briese takes job at Bank of America

This is why we all have trust issues with agencies. sigh…when do employment discussions occur when they are current government officials?

Charlotte Observer-

The head of the Charlotte division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is retiring after 25 years with the agency.

Special Agent in Charge Chris Briese spent the last 19 months of his tenure in Charlotte, where he oversaw the agency’s planning for September’s Democratic National Convention.

“The professionalism and teamwork displayed within the law enforcement, intelligence and first responder communities during the preparation and execution of the security plan for the DNC should serve as a model for future major events” Briese said in a news release. “I could not have scripted a better closing chapter to my 25-year FBI career.”


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2 Responses to “Charlotte FBI head, Chris Briese takes job at Bank of America”

  1. Wow! No wonder the FBI has turned a blind eye to the home terrorism here. The FBI is incharge of mortgage fraud and terrorism which are hand in hand now and totally overlooked by the FBI that has eyes! Everything our government and its agencies are involved in smells pungent. How smelly can it get?

  2. Sarah says:

    Revolving door? Highly regarded authorities, like B. Black and others have clearly described liars loans, 90% of all of them pure fraud. You have the regulators negligent in all of it, the entire economy affected and of course the people losing their houses and generally a bit of money. Apparently, peaceful protestors, are a higher priority.


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