10 States With Highest Foreclosure Rates


10 States With Highest Foreclosure Rates

10 States With Highest Foreclosure Rates

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Florida, Nevada, Illinois post highest state foreclosure rates
The Florida foreclosure rate ranked highest among the states for the third month in a row. One in every 304 Florida housing units had a foreclosure filing in November — more than twice the national average. A total of 29,612 Florida properties had a foreclosure filing in November, up 3 percent from the previous month and up 20 percent from November 2011.

The following are the top 10 states with the highest foreclosure rates in November:

  1. Florida: 1 in every 304 homes received a foreclosure filing in November
  2. Nevada: 1 in every 390 homes
  3. Illinois: 1 in every 392 homes
  4. California: 1 in every 430 homes
  5. South Carolina: 1 in every 455 homes
  6. Ohio: 1 in every 458 homes
  7. Arizona: 1 in every 468 homes
  8. Georgia: 1 in every 494 homes
  9. Michigan: 1 in every 621 homes
  10. Indiana: 1 in every 684 homes


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  1. liesi sall they tell says:

    with us, florida, in the # 1 spot……it makes me so ill to not here any mention about one of the main problems it may stem form…..the BP oil spill. thousands of floridians were under employed when after the oil spill thousands of tourists canceled their vacations.I am sure i do not have to do a geography lecture here that florida has a vastly large amout of coastal properties on the gulf of mexico. tourism from the keys to the pan handle was effected by the oils spill. I am an RN i worked in st petersburg florida may of 2010. when tourism came to a halt hospitals were empty. therefore nurses had to be canceled. we became the invisible unemployed. since we had jobs but with out income we were underemployed. unable continue using my credit cards to buy food and gas i turned to wells fargo to apply for a hamp loan. hoping my 1400$ mortgage would be reduced to 800-900. with my decrease in pay and a hardship letter i was sure i would be approved. when i called wells fargo i was appalled by what i wa told by more then one person over a span of the month. I was told that to beable to apply for a hamp loan i had to stop paying my mortgage. i pleaded from supervisdor to supervisor for this in writing and refused. i trusted the guidleines changed. i was finally allowed to apply for the hamp loan. (the ist mod my paper worked fax was lost 100’s of times this time they received my info correctly). instead of approving me or denying me they decided to move my file. the rep told me someone got her password and moved my file out of review. if she cant get it back i would not be approved. incredibal events they are able to get away with way to mant times. lets continue the fight to keep our homes. the fraud must stop. if they wanted my house they should have asked for it not lie to get it.
    By them giving my false information telling me to break a contract, doesn this null and void the contract. i would appreciate some feed back. thank you


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