Nevada AG covered up conflict of interest in robo-signing case, says brief


Nevada AG covered up conflict of interest in robo-signing case, says brief

Nevada AG covered up conflict of interest in robo-signing case, says brief

Robo-Signing is Fraud no matter how you slice it and dice it.

Violation could lead to dismissal of indictments against mortgage title officers

Nevada Journal-

Evidence that Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and her office engaged in rampant prosecutorial misconduct in the pursuit of two mortgage-servicing industry employees grew even stronger this week.

Masto’s chief deputy attorney general John Kelleher — lead prosecutor in the November 2011 high-profile felony prosecution of two Lender Processing Services (LPS) title officers — was inflamed with a powerful personal conflict of interest when he set out to get a grand jury to indict LPS employees Gary Trafford and Geri Sheppard, assert their attorneys.

“The reach of misconduct in this case by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office (‘AG’) extended even further than previously known,” states a new brief filed by the defense attorneys:

[T]he lead prosecutor had a serious, undisclosed, disabling conflict of interest tied directly to Trafford. Specifically, in September 2011, the lead prosecutor received a notice of default (“NOD”) identifying Trafford’s employer as the processor of foreclosure documents for the lead prosecutor’s personal residence.

Two days later, the AG sent its chief investigator to the home of [LPS employee] Tracy Lawrence, where she was threatened with arrest if she did not assist in the AG’s attempt to make a case against Trafford.




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