MERS Accused Of Secretly Selling Consumer Info


MERS Accused Of Secretly Selling Consumer Info

MERS Accused Of Secretly Selling Consumer Info

COMPLAINT | Sciortino v. Merscorp Holding, Inc. – MERS Accused Of Secretly Selling Consumer Info [link]

Identifier: gov.uscourts.gand.185210
Assigned-to: Judge Amy Totenberg
Case-cause: 15:1681 Fair Credit Reporting Act
Case-name: Sciortino v. Merscorp Holding, Inc.
Court: gand
Date-case-filed: 2012-07-13
Docket-num: 1:12-cv-02446
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Jury-demand: Plaintiff
Mediatype: texts
Nature-of-suit: 480 Consumer Credit
Pacer-case-num: 185210
Referred-to: Magistrate Judge Walter E. Johnson

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A putative class of consumers hit a Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. unit with a suit Friday in Georgia alleging the company, which creates consumer reports and maintains files on 63 million people, secretly collects and sells confidential information on residential mortgage applicants.

The putative class action alleges that the information collected by Merscorp Holdings Inc. is included in the consumer reports it sells, which contain confidential identifying information such as Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

The suit alleges that Merscorp uploads mortgage application…

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3 Responses to “MERS Accused Of Secretly Selling Consumer Info”

  1. Lynn says:

    funny thing after I did the refi, I became a victim of ID theft, credit cards, someone tired to get checks by going in a bank with some of my account information. the bank let the person walk out with out calling the police, I only found out when the bank closed my debit card when I was trying to buy food at a market and it was rejected.
    Also, I did receive in the mail from countrywide about ID theft…
    So, someone could still be out there creating harmful stuff out there, maybe I should use that as a defense that it wasb’t me who took out the loan but this other person pretending to me…

  2. Charlie says:

    To anyone who is interested, as the article statesMERS maintains a secret database on 63 million Americans that they will sell to anybody that pays them for the information. When you apply for a mortgage the entire loan application is uploaded to MERS and a consumer file is created or if one exists the information is merged into the existing file. MERS is operating as a consumer reporting agency (like Exquifax) however refuses to disclose the information in the file to the actual consumer, it will only disclosed it to the purchasers of the information. Your can go to:

    Sign up for an email account and request your “entire consumer file under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and identify everyone that has requested a copy in the last year” Once you are denied you can then file a lawsuit for not disclosing your file to you. It would be like you contacting Equifax and and asking for you credit report and they said no.

    More information on the MERS FCRA can be found here:

  3. Joni Brit says:

    I would pay a fee to a reputable credit repair firm, this is a serious situation.
    Our son needed me to co sign for a car loan, he is 19, working, earning his own money, and his rate went up $50. / month and his insurance rate even more because of a tax warrant in 2004 paid 3 months later that was filed with the Court in 2010.
    Why and who filed it? Specifically for the purpose mentioned in the Sciortino Case that”s why. The filing serves no purpose but to destroy credit, reputation and families. it doesnt just destroy homeowners and mortgagees, but families . It is cruel and impossible to straighten out.
    What can be more destructive to business success than poor credit, and if your adversary has your credit in their hands, chalk it up, game’s over.


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