Updated List: Freddie Mac Designated Attorney/Counsel/Trustee For Foreclosures and Bankruptcies


Freddie Mac Designated Counsel/Trustee For Foreclosures and Bankruptcies 2012

Freddie Mac Designated Counsel/Trustee For Foreclosures and Bankruptcies 2012

Documents That Must be Received
by Counsel/Trustee
Within 2 Business Days of Referral

Each state has their own requirements but this is a sample of what’s needed per file:

  • Copy of the original title policy (if not available, a copy of the title insurance commitment)
  • Originals or complete copies of Note and any endorsements or allonges thereto, Mortgage and all Assignments thereof  any Loan Modification Agreements, and non-military affidavits
  • Documentation showing borrower(s) last known mailing address(es), if different from the property address  and contact phone number, the borrower’s current work address  and contact phone number (if applicable), and/or information relating to occupants of the property, if different from the borrower(s)
  • Copies of the breach/acceleration/demand letter(s)
  • 1–4 Unit Property Inspection Report (Form 1013) , the first three pages of the appraisal, and mobile home documentation, if applicable
  • Itemized total debt and reinstatement figures as of the referral date to include the amount of the current principal balance and default date
  • Name of party entitled to enforce the indebtedness secured by the Mortgage (most commonly the holder of the Promissory Note; a/k/a “Action in the Name Of”)
  • Bankruptcy documentation, if applicable
  • Social Security Number(s) for all borrower(s)
  • Servicer and Freddie Mac loan numbers

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8 Responses to “Freddie Mac Designated Counsel/Trustee For Foreclosures and Bankruptcies 2012”

  1. Vic says:

    It was my understanding that both Freddie and Fannie were supposed to abolish these odious designated attorney lists. It is larded with the same foreclosure mills that contributed greatly to the crisis. Any law firm that named their attorenys as “Assitant Vice Presidents” of MERS not only should not be representing the gses, they should be prosecuted and shut down for good, like Stern in FL and Baum in NY.

  2. Sarah says:

    It could be a source a pride, having your firm listed as one being employed by the Treasury Department to throw people out of their houses may bring future work and opportunities.

  3. Florida Default Law Group????? You have got to be kidding me…they are STILL under investigation by the AG office for fabricating/forging foreclosure documentation. Oh yeah, I guess the forged/fabricated documents they presented to the courts in my case (and many other cases) were ‘overlooked’ by the FDIC.

    This is absolutley ridiculous….

  4. Nora says:

    Um, if Fannie and Freddie peeked into their files and saw that these papers were missing, they’d know that all the foreclosures they’ve been pushing Chase and all the other servicers to get through the courts were bogus, wouldn’t they? So do you need anymore evidence that Fannie and Freddie are eyeball deep in this whole fraud? We as taxpayers bailed these entities out, and continue to fund their operations as government sponsored entities while they foment fraud! When Fannie and Freddie discovered that Taylor Bean & Whitaker sold them loans that they didn’t even own, did they report it to the proper authorities? Nope. Hid the fraud to protect the income from their portfolio. Time to give Fannie and Freddie the boot up their wazoo. Make it a steel-toed one and end their fraudulent activities.

  5. dana young says:


    Has anyone out there seen a wendy a belanger? Signed her name as Bank of America AVP for Bankrupcy. It appears she is listed with the make a wish foundation. However, as I have found the Notarizer is deborah l. beard , thousand aoks ,Ca. intersetingly enough there seems to be an address for Wendy A. Belanger listed in tousand oaks Ca. as an Accounting Clerk. I beleive the Banks are running everythng thru the foundations for tax benefits.
    Antoher thin I took a look at the Re-Affirmation agreement which was totally incorrect. It seems to suggest based upon the address provided one Judith Belanger , Corelogic C.O.O. son Ethan Belanger of the Private Bank in stlouis. This is complete fraud , forgery and misconduct on behalf on the Attorneys and Trustees.
    Does anyone have any imformation for Dominique Johnson ?

  6. Dana Young says:

    St.Louis Bankrucpy

    It appears the Treasurer department is benefitting from foreclosing on homes in the courts. They seem to use this MK-This appears to represent The Private Bank- Wells Fargo.
    I asked the question , Has anyone seen or heard of a Wendy A. Belanger? I found a person that is dead, 1998. It appears the Treasurers department has resurrected this person and using as a Make a Wish foundation, Allied -Realty in ME. to transfer real property. This seems to be the making of the Consus Group. They have purchased the defective Trust from the banks and working with the City of St.Louis , Privatization of Securitization. ( Bonds )
    This seems to be in direct with Washington University. Am I crazy ? These are the peices of the puzzle.

  7. Dana Young says:

    OH, for those of you searching for Dominique Johnson …
    Legal services .. what a joke !

    Take a look at the Countian paper – Allison Bollen she signing as an Bank AVP , she signs most of Millsap and Singers affividats.
    *** The Courts know this is forgery ************


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