Look Who's Pushing Homeowners Off the Foreclosure Cliff


Look Who’s Pushing Homeowners Off the Foreclosure Cliff

Look Who’s Pushing Homeowners Off the Foreclosure Cliff

The second sentence is wrong. Banks never lost a dime but profited from foreclosing. The banks collect insurance from delinquent loans, jack up insurance, kickbacks on forced-placed insurance, tack on attorney fees, make money via tax liens, pretend to help you with a short sale, pretend to tell you your modification is in process, then double dip by selling the property after they already raked up fees. By the end, they made a fortune off of “scamming servicing” the loan. I’m sure I’ve missed a thing or 5…

Does this sound like they lost any money? Only the taxpayers via the fraudulent twins…


One of the more confounding aspects of the U.S. housing crisis has been the reluctance of lenders to do more to assist troubled borrowers. After all, when homes go into foreclosure, banks lose money.

Now it turns out some lenders haven’t merely been unhelpful; their actions have pushed some borrowers over the foreclosure cliff. Lenders have been imposing exorbitant insurance policies on homeowners whose regular coverage lapses or is deemed insufficient. The policies, standard homeowner’s insurance or extra coverage for wind damage, say, for Florida residents, typically cost five to 10 times what owners were previously paying, tipping many into foreclosure.

The situation has caught the attention of state regulators and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is considering rules to help homeowners avoid unwarranted “force- placed insurance.” The U.S. ought to go further and limit commissions, fine any company that knowingly overcharges a homeowner and require banks to seek competitive bids for force- placed insurance policies. Because insurance is not regulated at the federal level, states also need to play a stronger role in bringing down rates.


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