Lender Processing Services (LPS) Internal Email Accidentally Leaked in a Fraudclosure Case, Will CFPB Investigate?


Lender Processing Services (LPS) Internal Email Accidentally Leaked in a Fraudclosure Case, Will CFPB Investigate?

Lender Processing Services (LPS) Internal Email Accidentally Leaked in a Fraudclosure Case, Will CFPB Investigate?

Keep in mind, this is LPS  and NOT DocX’s doing. So they cannot try to push the blame on a now defunct sister corp. they once had. Also, who is creating a legal document such as a Quit Claim Deed? Lying to the court with false documents?

Another important tip that needs to be investigated is if LENDER PROCESSING SERVICES (LPS) is BUYING HOMES AT AUCTIONS?

Lender Processing Services (LPS) Internal Email Accidentally Leaked in a Fraudclosure Case

4closureFraud.org has received a very interesting court-certified document to share with our readers. An affidavit from Bank of America representative, Kimberly Sue Daley, refers to attached business records. The documents attached to the affidavit included a printout of email exchanges with the LPS Desktop logo.

The conversation evolves like this:

“Yikes! The name of the foreclosing party (HSBC as Trustee for Deutsche Bank Alt-A 2007-BAR1) matches the name on the affidavit of amount owed BUT that name doesn’t match what is in our system. It’s pretty far into the legal foreclosure process. What should we do now?”

“Hey, no problemo! We have two options; 1) change the name now and possibly be hit with higher homeowner association fees or 2) quit claim deed the home over to the right name after the sale, but that will cost documentary stamp taxes. The doc stamp taxes will probably be less costly than the HOA fees. Please advise.”

“Go with the quit claim deed (QCD). After the foreclosure sale to the trust, just deed the home over to Bank of America! Problem solved.”

Text and PDF copies of the documents below courtesy of 4ClosureFraud.org

Down Load PDF of This Case

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8 Responses to “Lender Processing Services (LPS) Internal Email Accidentally Leaked in a Fraudclosure Case, Will CFPB Investigate?”

  1. Nye Lavalle says:

    Well, this sure will support my contentions in my BOA affidavit! Why you must get all communications and email and conduct e-discovery in each case.

  2. Ken Hansen says:

    It the CFPB doesn’t investigate will any one be surprised?

  3. dinsfla says:

    Never surprised. The CFPB are encouraging whistle-blowers to come forward. They will see/read this. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/the-cfpb-wants-you-to-blow-the-whistle-on-lawbreakers/

  4. Sharon says:

    This happened in my case. They foreclosed in the name of Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC as Servicer for CSFB and then when we filed a Federal law suit CSFB came forward and said we are not foreclosing. The attorney representing Ocwen ran down to the county and did a Quitclaim Deed from Ocwen Loan Servicing, as Servicer for CSFB to Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC. Notice how the legal entities don’t even match. Now we have filed a Quiet Title Action because in Colorado they can take your property with just a lawyer’s signature. Rene Martinez, Contract Management Coordinator is the signatory and Rashard Blanchard is the notary. It looks fraudulent. We filed a motion for summary judgement because the lawyer admitted they foreclosed in the wrong name calling it a “misnomer”. I’ve contacted the CFPB. I hope they investigate it.

  5. Donna says:

    I just confirmed today.

    CFPB takes the same position as Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC) on NOT to review, and/or issue opinion on any TBTF banks wrong-doings if homeowners have filed lawsuits against the banks. It’s very unfortunate and disappointing decision which will impact thousands and thousands of consumers.

    Share and bring more awareness on CFPB’s decisions.

  6. OLDER&WISER says:

    In 2009, in Ohio I was systematically abused. Lost job–wife had cancer, seeking mod/temp relief–making pmts from IRA with 10% penalty. Servicer–you must default or no talk. Went to then AG Dann’s offices–got a call from servicer—AG asked us to call you—you must default or we cant talk. ie no change. I kept paying.

    I got a job after 9 months–problem was needed to relocate to take a federal job in DC—below water. I just wanted a walkaway without no deficiency. Called servicer Ill do DIL. Begged Servicer; Answer; you must default or no talk. By now, Dann out–replaced by Cordray.

    I called Cordray’s crew; need to relocate for govt job, wife with cancer. Cordray: “no promises” you must work with servicer. Servicer called me again: must default or no talk–and “trust me, Iv never seen anybody chased for deficiency” I defaulted, needed to move, —instead of release/DIL I got Complaint in Foreclosure–whole note due now. Filed Answer–have to file Answer 28 days. Called Cordray: “We cant do anything–you are in litigation”

    This is an old modis operendi for Cordray. Speaches–do nothing if you request help “just cooperate with nice servicer man” When servicer has you where he wants you– pinned —-you have to litigate or suffer default judgment. You call Cordray–“too late for us to help–if only you had not got in litigation we couldv helped”

    tricks—Cordray modis operendi: speaches, “we’ll help if you file complaint”–file complaint—-“you cooperate with servicer and let us know how it turns out” ——–you get screwed by servicer–must litigate—call back Corday–“too bad you are in litigation–we cant do anything if you are in litgation” —–glad the whole country now screwed by Cordray—-he is a con-man in sheeps clothing–always a Catch 22 why hes helpless to do anything—he wants to be a seantor–maybe President–then can not do bigger things.

  7. OLDER&WISER says:

    Corday always helpless —cant do anything if you file a complaint with his office–because too much work—–if you litigate cause no choice then he cant help you because you already did too much work for him


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