Full Deposition of Michele Sjolander, Executive Vice President of Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. "Stamp Endorsement"


Full Deposition of Michele Sjolander, Executive Vice President of Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. “Stamp Endorsement”

Full Deposition of Michele Sjolander, Executive Vice President of Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. “Stamp Endorsement”

Remember Michele Sjolander? Well, you can read about her in MERS, Endorsed Note Get SLAMMED by Kings County NY Supreme Court | BANK of NEW YORK v. ALDERAZI



Fresh off the depo wagon comes her Full Deposition courtesy of 4closurefraud.


Q It’s employees at Recontrust that stamp the
7 endorsements on the notes in general, including this one;
8 is that right?
9 A Yes.
10 Q And you’ve seen that taking place?
11 A Yes.
12 Q In Simi Valley?
13 A Yes.
14 Q Is there some type of manual or set of
15 instructions?
16 A They have my power of attorney.
17 Q Well, okay. That’s not what I’m asking. But I
18 do want to know about that. But what I’m saying: Is
19 there some sort of manual or instructions or –
20 A If you want to know the desk procedures, you
21 would have to speak with an associate of Recontrust.
22 Q Okay. Okay. Sorry. I’m just reading the notes
23 again. Now, I’m going to try to explain this. I may
24 have to do it a couple of times, but just bear with me.
25 And you’ve been very helpful so far. I appreciate it,
1 there it sat is I guess what I’m asking.
2 A In safekeeping, yes.
3 Q Okay. All right. Now, this is something you
4 touched on a minute ago. I’m going to try to phrase it
5 in a way that makes sense. Who — and let’s just deal
6 with Countrywide in 2007.
7 Who is allowed to be an endorser as you were? I
8 mean, who — let me leave it at that and see if that
9 makes sense to you.
10 A I don’t know what you’re asking.
11 Q What I’m saying is: Are there people other than
12 you at Countrywide in 2007 whose names would appear on a
13 note as an endorsement?
14 A For Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.?
15 Q Yes.
16 A In 2007, I was the endorser for Countrywide Home
17 Loans, Inc.
18 Q Okay. And, I mean, can you explain why you, in
19 particular? I mean, how is that established?
20 A Just lucky.
21 Q I mean, I know this is going to sound silly, but
22 was there some competition for it? Did they come to you
23 and say, “Ms. Sjolander, we choose you?” I mean, how did
24 you come to be designated the person?
25 A It is the position I held within Countrywide.
1 Q Okay. And did you know that going in; you know,
2 if you take this job, you’re going to be the endorser?
3 Was that explained to you at some point?
4 A I knew that my previous boss was the endorser,
5 yes.
6 Q Oh, okay. Now, we covered this, that other
7 people stamped your signature and the other — her name
8 is — oh, it’s Laurie Meder?
9 A Meder.
10 Q Okay. So other people have a stamp with her
11 name and your name on it, and how do those people have
12 the authority to put her name and your name on a note for
13 it to be an effective endorsement?
14 A With my name, they have a power of attorney.
15 Q And what does the power of attorney say?
16 A The power of attorney allows them to place my
17 endorsement stamp on collateral.
18 Q How do they come to have your power of attorney?
19 A I gave that to them.
20 Q But, I mean, in what sort of process? You know,
21 how does someone at Recontrust — I mean, I understand
22 that a power of attorney document exists, I’m assuming;
23 correct?
24 A Yes.
25 Q And how do those people come to operate under
1 it?
2 A It’s common, standard practice.
3 Q I may not be asking it quite right. I guess
4 what I’m asking is: Do they — the people who actually
5 use the stamps — is there more than one, or is there
6 just one stamp? I said “stamps” multiple. Is there only
7 one, or is there –
8 A No, there’s multiple stamps.
9 Q So do these people sign something that says, “I
10 understand I’m under Michele Sjolander’s power of
11 attorney”?
12 A Once again, you would have to look at the desk
13 procedures for Recontrust, and you would have to talk to
14 someone at Recontrust.
15 Q So that’s your understanding that you — did you
16 sign a power of attorney document?
17 A Yes, I did.
18 Q And, I mean, can you explain just in — you
19 know, in general, not word for word what it says, but
20 what does it purport to grant as power of attorney?
21 A It grants Recontrust. They can endorse and
22 assign notes on behalf of myself.
23 Q And do you know if this applies to a select
24 group of people?
25 A I do not have — I would have to read the
1 document.
2 Q Okay. But just to clarify, once again, you
3 don’t actually know the legal mechanism by which these
4 people with the stamps operate under this power of
5 attorney?
6 A As I said, I would have to go back through all
7 of the documentation that surrounds the power of
8 attorney, and Recontrust has desk procedures, and it
9 would be their procedures for them to assign that, to
10 place the stamp on the collateral.
11 Q And this was a procedure in 2007, what we’re
12 talking here is 2007?
13 A Correct.
14 Q And to the present?
15 A No.


4 Q All of it, okay. Let’s see. Now, you mentioned
5 documents that you had reviewed. The AS-400, that’s a —
6 can you just refresh my memory? What was that again?
7 A A servicing system.
8 Q A servicing system, okay. Now, when you looked
9 over these records and documents before that you
10 mentioned before, where were you when you looked at
11 those?
12 A Simi Valley.
13 Q Simi Valley. And where were the documents that
14 you were looking at?
15 A At that time, they were brought into my office.
16 Q Do you have any idea where they were brought
17 from?
18 A They were printed off the system.
19 Q Printed off the system.
20 A From one of my associates.
21 Q Is that a computer system?
22 A As I said, the collateral tracking is printed
23 off the AS-400, which is our servicing system. The
24 investor number commitment was printed off — it’s a
25 web-based application from secondary marketing. It’s
1 printed off of that. The note was printed off of our
2 imaging system. And I think in this case I asked for a
3 copy of the note showing the endorsements, because in our
4 imaging system it does not — the note is actually imaged
5 prior to my endorsement stamp being in place. So I had
6 my associate contact the bank, which is Recontrust, to
7 get a copy of the original note to show my endorsement
8 stamps, because in imaging it is not shown.
9 Q So if a copy is made of a note that you got from
10 Recontrust, it doesn’t have an endorsement? Is that what
11 you’re saying?
12 A From our bank, it does. In our imaging system,
13 it does not. The note is imaged prior to an
14 endorsement — in ’07, the note is imaged prior to an
15 endorsement being placed on the note. So if you look in
16 our imaging system, you wouldn’t see the chain of title
17 of endorsement.
18 Q And where would you see that?
19 A On the original note.
20 Q Which is — which is where?
21 A In this case, it was in the Fannie Mae vault in
22 Simi Valley, California.
23 Q We’ll come back to the Fannie Mae vault. Okay.
24 So they’re printed off in AS-400 imaging system.
25 A AS-400 and the imaging system are two different
2 Q Oh, you said AS-400 is a servicing software
3 platform of some type?
4 A Yes.
5 Q And the imaging system, what — can you describe
6 that?
7 A It’s a —
8 Q You know —
9 A It’s when all of the collateral documents and
10 credit file documents are imaged after the closing of a
11 loan, and they are put in our imaging system, and we can
12 go into the system by loan number and pull up the
13 documentation of a loan —
14 Q I guess —
15 A — if you have access to the system.
16 Q But imaging, I mean, I’m imagining a scanner of
17 some sort. Is that what it is?
18 A It is not my area. I cannot tell you.

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8 Responses to “Full Deposition of Michele Sjolander, Executive Vice President of Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. “Stamp Endorsement””

  1. CINDY says:

    Awe ~ my robo friend, Michele. Fraud upon fraud with her robot friend, Laurie Maeder. I know they didn’t sign anything. Laurie also gave a deposition.
    Many of their cases are sealed and or the exhibits aren’t online for me to view when I find their names in cases.
    What I’m in search of is another endorsement page with both their names names stamped because I’ve been informed and have also seen on Rip Off Online Report that they are simply photocopies and all the stamped endorsement pages (the actual stamps) line up identical when stacked upon each other. It’s not even that their stamps were used thousands of times with the same players Countrywide, BANA, et al. The endorsement pages are PHOTOCOPIES of the same fictitious doc, waiting in the wings at LPS for show time to be attached to the fictitious assignments created at LPS!.
    My my entire alleged loan is fake, fictitious BOGUS, no loan no closing, cut and pasted signatures-identity theft, so it wasn’t in a trust obviously and I’m sure there at some ticked off investors chomping at the bit wanting me out of the way! Recon Trust’s name does appear in some of my docs though also but the reveal to me came in an “urgent” email thread from Clunk’s office and LPS that was accidentally filed as an exhibit in Paul’s BK case
    I NEED a copy of that page from another victim’s case to match up to mine. I’ll buy you a BIg O American Mac if you can locate one for me. I’ll even make it combo meal and UPSIZE IT

  2. Tami says:

    I have the two signatures on my note. Side by side and also on a modification.. strange… 3 years apart.

  3. Nafisa from NJ says:

    I have a Michelle Sjolander stamp and I will gladly trade copies with you. I’m currently in discovery so i would live to get my habds on as many copies of her signature as possible.

  4. John in OH says:


    If you or anyone needs information defending a Clunk foreclosure I would most likely be able to assist you in some way. I’m 6 years into litigation against BOA with very damaging evidence against them and a jury trial coming up this September. Please feel free to contact me direct.

  5. Timeteao says:

    I have the same stamps. Happy to trade.

  6. CINDY says:

    JOHN … And others!!!!
    I just happened to stumble upon this. I had forgotten I wrote it until I started to read what “Cindy” wrote and realized it was me! Hah
    YES YES I’m still in need!!! I’d love to share what I have also. How do we connect? Find me on Facebook “Ohio Homeowners Unite” and message me PLEASE! Also remind me of this post. Security in high alert!!

  7. CINDY in Sourhern OHIO says:

    John, I REALLY want to hook up with you! I have some very damaging evidence against Clunk on down the line as well. Please see my contact info up above. Thank you and best of luck to you stopping this organized crime ring!

  8. Akaloka R says:


    I just discovered the Michele Sjolander double signature on the original docs for our home that my wife bought back in 2009. Im plowing through everything in a last ditch effort to save our home from foreclosure. I am meeting with legal aid tomorrow to help me at least draft an answer the cross-claim the HOA just added to the BOA foreclosure case that should have been dropped since we were making payments on a trial modification. The closer I looked at the modification paperwork the more suspicious they looked.

    Our income was inflated by $1000 A MONTH which no one can explain, AND theY didn’t calculate the new payment correctly from what I can see. They refuse To fix anything and have been calling me everyday to see if we signed the papers yet. We have until 7/8 to get the final Mod offer SIGNED and sent back to them… However the first payment is due 7/1 AND the hearing is scheduled for 7/6!

    None of this looks right to me and the deeper I dig, the more I find. I have evidence that suggests the intentional fraud in our case began with the Realtor who sold my wife the house, then magically appeared on our doorstep after the foreclosure was filed talking about how he was dying of cancer and wanted to help her out of the foreclosure because he felt guilty for selling the place to her and bending rules (though he never admitted anything specific)to get her approved for the loan. Now the only way out was to sell and he would do it for us. long story short he ate up our equity before finding a buyer. A week before closing we get a call that the projected profit fell short and we would have to pay come 2k to close the deal. From what im finding this was calculated and manipulated by the realtor who used Landsafe (BOA) for the appraisal. She had to pay for it up front as part of her nonrefundable application fee. She hadn’t even made an offer on the house but had to pay for the appraisal first, in cash! I am down to the wire here and am now being bullied by the HOA as well. I would be happy to show my evidence to help anyone that has been victimized by these piranha. If anyone can help us I would be so grateful. I am totally disabled and only get social security, and my wife is out of work after being hurt on the job. We are broke and cannot hire anymore attorneys. We have been scammed by 2 lawyers already. I have to represent us and have no legal education so ANY help would be so appreciated. oh and countrywide NEVER owned the loan, only BOA. I can be reached at 808-277-8992. or akalokar@gmail.com I’m desperately in need of help so I pray someone will call me or email me to share anything that may help us save our home.


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