Foreclosure Fraud Robo-Signing Deal Worries N.Y. Official - NPR


Foreclosure Robo-Signing Deal Worries N.Y. Official – NPR

Foreclosure Robo-Signing Deal Worries N.Y. Official – NPR

I wasn’t willing to provide a release that … released conduct that hadn’t been investigated, essentially. So we started our own investigation.

– Eric Schneiderman, New York attorney general


Some of the biggest banks in the country are reportedly close to a settlement with authorities over the so-called robo-signing scandal in which mortgage company officials signed and notarized foreclosure documents without properly reviewing them.

Many lenders and mortgage servicers acknowledged making serious mistakes in foreclosure paperwork.

But the much-delayed settlement still faces challenges. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is raising objections, and may reject the settlement because he believes authorities have done too little to investigate the role of big banks in the financial crisis.

On a ride with the attorney general in his state-issued SUV, we pass the site of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Schneiderman didn’t take part in the protests, but he agrees with some of the message.

“People aren’t sure what happened, but they know that … this was a man-made catastrophe, [and] that there are people who caused the bubble and the crash,” he says.

So Schneiderman is out for justice — his idea of justice.

Starting His Own Investigation …


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  1. peter shapiro says:

    We are watching everything you do with the Bank Settlement, Mr Schneiderman…AG of NY… we won’t forget if you give in to this…


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