Pam Bondi cleared of 'political' firing charges


Pam Bondi cleared of ‘political’ firing charges

Pam Bondi cleared of ‘political’ firing charges

“I will only have the very best, most skilled people on the job; those who embody the highest standards of ethics, responsibility, professionalism, and performance,” Bondi wrote. “These two staff attorneys clearly and repeatedly failed to measure up to these standards.”

With all the evidence, where is Florida’s lawsuit against LPS? Nevada had to take the bull by the horns since you couldn’t. Speaking of “ethics, responsibility, professionalism, and performance” … NEXT!

Sun Sentinel-

An independent report released Friday cleared Attorney General Pam Bondi‘s office of any wrongdoing in the May firings of two lawyers in her South Florida office who were nationally recognized for exposing foreclosure fraud and unsavory mortgage lending practices.

The long-awaited report from Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater‘s office said no laws or policies were violated in the dismissal of Theresa Edwards and June Clarkson, who had argued that their firings came down to politics, not performance.

“A review of the circumstances surrounding the termination of Edwards and Clarkson, along with the information gathered during this inquiry, did not warrant initiating a formal investigation into a potential violation of law, rule or policy,” the report says. “During the course of the inquiry there was no specific allegation of wrongdoing made by any person, and no discovery of evidence of wrongdoing on the part of anyone involved in the matter.”



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2 Responses to “Pam Bondi cleared of ‘political’ firing charges”

  1. John B says:

    It is painfully obvious who Ms Bondi represents and it is certainly not the people of Florida. She should be fired or impeached and brought up on criminal charges or negligence at the very least.
    She is turning a blind eye to the crooks who are destroying this country…the banks!! Oh, but guess what, who do you think her major campaign contributors are…thats right, the banks. What a joke our country is turning into, when are WE THE PEOPLE going to put an end to this??

  2. Better Next Time says:

    And the Repubs were screaming that Sink was pro bank.

    Give me a break!


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