EXCLUSIVE: Eric Holder, Covington & Burling and MERSCORP


EXCLUSIVE: Eric Holder, Covington & Burling and MERSCORP

EXCLUSIVE: Eric Holder, Covington & Burling and MERSCORP

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Rumors have been swirling for quite some time of this connection and here is some info below.

This doc below is asking for a legal opinion of eNotes…but read this carefully.

“We note that a state potentially could adopt legislation restricting operation of mortgage note registries to trust companies or similar entities;19 however, such a law would only be valid if it applied equally to electronic and paper mortgage notes.20”

Here’s a link when C&B said their goodbye’s as soon as Mr. Holder became the US AG in 2009:


UPDATE: More of the same here…Former OCC, OTS & Fannie Executive Joined MERSCORP in 2011

Down Load PDF of This Case


MERS eRegistry Legal Opinion[1]

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16 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Eric Holder, Covington & Burling and MERSCORP”

  1. Kathryn says:

    I am pleased this is finally getting the attention it deserves. I sent emails to several major media outlets several months ago but have never seen any coverage of this incredibly important issue with obvious conflicts of interest by AG Holder as well as complicity by Pres Obama. By the way, IndyMac’s Perry who has been charged with securities fraud is represented by DC lawyer Jean Veta of guess what firm – Covington and Burling. Under SuperLawyers, Veta is listed as defense of white collar and banking crimes. Add this to the current conflicts of interest. Shouldn’t these issues give cause to removal of Holder from his position? And what about Pres Obama? Our congress tried to impeach Pres Clinton for lying about a sexual encounter. Which of these two issues – lying about sex or complicity in banking crimes that directly affect every citizen – should be considered a serious miscarriage of the oath of office? Everyone I tell about this link between the oval office, DOJ and the MERS involvement in our financial crisis are totallly shocked and outraged.

  2. Stanley Crespis says:

    This is where John Dugan works currently, just to let everyone know.

  3. Mary Malone says:

    Eric Holder directed his top lieutenants, Covington & Burling all, to partner with the Mortgage Banking Association (MBA)on mortgage fraud investigations in 2010.

    The MBA and FBI created a definition of mortgage fraud, which DOES NOT include mbs and foreclosure fraud.

    Holder is responsible for decriminalizing the $11 trillion heist.

    Here’s the official definition of mortgage fraud used to open investigations. See any references to illegal foreclosures, document fraud, et al?

    The FBI and state’s attorneys are only arresting consumers and flim-flam artists because they fit the definition.

    Get it? See what Holder has done???

    Mortgage fraud is a material misrepresentation, misstatement or omission that is relied upon by an underwriter or lender to fund, purchase, or insure a loan.

    Fraud for profit is generally perpetrated by those inside the housing and mortgage industry. To be able to perpetrate the fraud requires the insiders to work together, resulting in a conspiracy. The list of those involved includes real estate agents and brokers, loan originators for mortgage brokers and lenders, homebuilders, appraisers, title insurance agents and closing attorneys, as well as others. Cases in the last three years prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office in South Carolina have resulted in convictions or plea agreements of over 80 individuals who were insiders as described above. The fraudulent schemes include property flips, loans based on fictitious properties, misrepresenting investment property as owner-occupied property, misrepresenting or using the personal identity of others (identity theft), using false or forged documents very often through “straw buyers” to obtain a loan, and creating fictitious or nonexistent payees.

  4. Dave says:

    You people realize that Holder was one of over 700 attorneys at Covington & Burling, one of the most prestigious law firms in the country, and there is nothing to suggest that Holder had any involvement in that opinion letter to MERSCORP. To hold him personally accountable in anyway is simply ludicrous. Also, under the ABA model rules of professional conduct, this would not be considered a conflict of interest

  5. Mary Malone says:

    Dave: “You people realize…”

    Well,Dave, WE THE PEOPLE consider Eric Holder’s long-time association with the firm representing MERSCORP, a conflict of interest.

    We do.

    It is not naive or simple-minded to hold the U.S. Attorney General to a higher standard than that oh so high bar leveled by the ABA.

    Holder’s association with MERS is bad optics, as they say in DC. At a minimum, he should have recused himself from the investigation.

    But, being the quintessential crony capitalist, he stayed in the game and orchestrated the cover-up of his cronies crimes.

    We want Congress to launch an investigation into Holder’s management and contact with MERSCORP and the attorneys who drafted the legal opinion, sanctioning MERS illegal business model to the lending and title industry.

    We’d like to know what contact he and his DOJ chums, who are all Covington & Burling alumns, had with MERSCORP and its members before, during and after the “2010 robo-signing investigation” was launched.

    We’d like to know who made the recommendation for the FBI to partner with the Mortgage Banking Association, (MBA) the trade association for the financial executives who fleeced investors and homeowners to the tune of $11 trillion.

    We’d like to know if Holder signed off on a definition of mortgage fraud that excluded MERS members of, well, fraud.

    We’d like to know what kind of compensation or backroom deals Holder made with MERS and its members. How was his Covington & Burling compensation affected – bonus, salary, pension – by MERSCORP fees?

    Holder is pushing state AG’s to agree to a global banking settlement that provides immunity to the bad actors who have committed the largest heist in US history.

    He works for us. We don’t work for him. Answers to these and other pertinent questions are his duty.

    You’ll forgive me for requiring our public officials answer to the public, won’t you Dave?


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