Steven J. Baum Weighs In After Uproar


Steven J. Baum Weighs In After Uproar

Steven J. Baum Weighs In After Uproar

“Mr. Nocera — You have destroyed everything and everyone related to Steven J. Baum PC. It took 40 years to build this firm and three weeks to tear down.”

There is blood on your hands for this one, Joe,” he wrote at the end of that second e-mail. “I will never, ever forgive you for this.”

I think that’s what they call shooting the messenger.


Thus began a lengthy e-mail that I received, on Thursday evening, from Steven J. Baum, the owner of his eponymous law firm, the largest “foreclosure mill” in New York State. Foreclosure mills, of course, are firms that represent banks and servicers trying to foreclose on the millions of homeowners who have defaulted since the housing bubble burst.


image: New York Times

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4 Responses to “Steven J. Baum Weighs In After Uproar”

  1. creeped out says:

    It’s not shooting the messenger. It’s turning the situation around to make himself look like a victim. That’s what sociopaths do.

  2. leapfrog says:

    Attention Steven J. Baum: You have ONLY YOURSELF to blame.

  3. ProFreedom says:

    I find little pity for a man who became wealthy by making families homeless. His self pity after fraudulently and ruthlessly forcing so many people out of their homes is disgusting. I hope he comes to feel even a small part of the anguish he caused so many others feel. The fact that he got away with this for 40 years earns him a special place in hell. May the anxiety and fear of the many souls he hurt be his pillow each night. Steven J. Baum is Scrooged.

  4. ProFreedom says:

    The blood of countess frightenemilies is on the hands of Steven J. Baum. Luckily for him this is not France during its revelution or h trouble kee.


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