Delaware sues MERS, claims mortgage deception


Delaware sues MERS, claims mortgage deception

Delaware sues MERS, claims mortgage deception

Some saw this coming in the last few weeks. Now all HELL is about to Break Loose.

This is one of the States I mentioned MERS has to watch…why? Because the “Co.” originated here & under Laws of Delaware…following? [see below].

Also look at the date this TM patent below was signed 3-4 years after MERS’ 1999 date via VP W. Hultman’s secretary Kathy McKnight [PDF link to depo pages 29-39].

New York…next!

Delaware Online-

Delaware joined what is becoming a growing legal battle against the mortgage industry today, charging in a Chancery Court suit that consumers facing foreclosure were purposely misled and deceived by the company that supposedly kept track of their loans’ ownership.

By operating a shadowy and frequently inaccurate private database that obscured the mortgages’ true owners, Merscorp made it difficult for hundreds of Delaware homeowners to fight foreclosure actions in court or negotiate new terms on their loans, the suit filed by the Attorney General’s Office said.


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2 Responses to “Delaware sues MERS, claims mortgage deception”

  1. Katheryn says:

    Something does not feel exactly right about this. I am fighting Bank of America pro se because I could not find a single attorney in the State of Delaware willing to help me. There was not an organization an attorney or paralegal that I could even find to give me a couple of hours, for pay, to answer some questions I have with regards to the case. Bank of America has an attorney who filed a notice of representation with the court who told me he is representing them. However, I have recently received letters of different sorts from two additional lawyers both with different firms who have not filed notices of representation with the court stating they are representing Bank of America. So one little pro se lady with no legal experience is fighting off three different attorneys from three different firms in her effort to stand up to these theives who have played a large part in the downfall of our economy. What they have spent in legal fees could have gone towards allowing us the modification they tricked us out of over a year ago.

    I give just a brief background and will now get to my point with regards to the Post above regarding State Attorney General Biden.

    I sent my Complaint with a letter to AG Biden back in July. I emailed him as well as followed up with any actions and updates concerning my case. I also let him know of my dilema of finding no legal help. I sent him a total of seven packages of correspondence and copies of court filings and pleaded for any kind of help he could offer even if just a referral to where I could find help. It got to the point that I started each correspondence to him with the fact that I knew he or his staff were probably just filing all of my information straight into the trash can but I did not care and I let him know I would continue to send him up-dates. I told him I felt that as the Attorney General, he had an obligation to, at the least, look at the criminal aspects of my complaint. I never once received any response from him or anyone in his office.

    Yesterday, I received a call from a person from the State of Delware who said he was calling about my issues with the Bank of America. I will not name him as to not breach his privacy, however when I asked him who he worked for he told me he represented an “outreach” program for the State of Delaware. He was a bit vague about who he actually worked for, but I did an internet search after the phone call and verified who he is and for whom he works. I did the search because I honestly questioned whether he could have actually been someone working for the bank. In conversation he did mention AG Biden. He said he was given my file to see what he could do but he was not an attorney and just wanted to chat to find out what exactly it was that I wanted from Bank of America. I won’t go into the whole conversation but the main point he tried to make over and over to me is that if I expected justice or compensation, I could forget it. He said that he didn’t feel he could help us with getting a loan modification nor did he have any suggestions with any other source of help he could be concerning our home. His suggestion was to see if we could get a couple of thousand from Bank of America, move on and get on with our lives. He said he could negotiate with their attorney to try to get us the couple of thousand. I got the impression that he was very pro bank and that we borrowed the money so we owe it and if we can’t pay it we need to find other living arrangements. I asked him if he had room at his house for a middle aged couple with three dogs and a credit rating that went from the upper 700’s to zero. I also asked him to explain to me how my husband who has had the same job for six years and was enough for us to qualify for a refinance which added another $15,000 to an already underwater mortgage but we did not qualify for a lower priced modification. It did not matter that they led us on for over a year trying to get the modification and blew through all the savings they knew we had as we were at first told we must be current on our payments to get a modification. Then after we ran out of most of our savings they told us we did not qualify for a modification because we were not behind on our payments. He did not have an answer for that. What bothers me is the fact that he is working under the Dept. of Justice which makes his boss AG Biden, and as far as I can ascertain, is the only source for which he had a file on my case. My point is that hearing that AG Biden has filed this case against MERS does not seem to be for any benefit to those homeowners who have been terribly wronged by Bank of America’s blatant breaking of laws that have damaged not just individuals, families but our economy.

    It seems that the outreach program is more for the purpose of helping the banks get the homes with a payment of a couple thousand bucks and doing away with the judicial process of foreclosure. The suit against MERS is probably for the sake of retrieving fees Bank of America was able to avoid paying with the use of MERS.

    After my phone conversation with this person, something just doesn’t feel right and I believe the odds are still totally stacked against the homeowners who were shafted once and will be shafted again.


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