Bank of America Suit May Be 'New Front' in Mortgage Suits, Lawyer Says


Bank of America Suit May Be ‘New Front’ in Mortgage Suits, Lawyer Says

Bank of America Suit May Be ‘New Front’ in Mortgage Suits, Lawyer Says

Again, this is what I’ve been waiting for. As Professor Peterson says, “This case is scary because if Dallas wins then there are a lot of other counties around the country that are going to follow.” … And follow they will.

I already see them lining up one by one. You see just because you can develop a system and input data, doesn’t mean it relieves you from any responsibility of some 67+ million “errors”. They knew what they had from its inception.


Bank of America Corp. (BAC) is among a group of lenders that may face a wave of new lawsuits claiming the system they’ve used for more than a decade to register mortgages cheated cash-strapped counties out of millions of dollars.

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins said state attorneys general and county officials across the U.S. have expressed interest in his lawsuit against Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Bank of America, filed in Texas state court on Sept. 21. Dallas County could be owed as much as $100 million in filing fees, he said.


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4 Responses to “Bank of America Suit May Be ‘New Front’ in Mortgage Suits, Lawyer Says”

  1. Vern says:

    Many foreclosure mills had attorneys that were identified on documents as Assistant Vice Presidents or Assistant Secretaries of MERS and signed these documents on MERS behalf. They were as bad as the robo-signers of LPS. These foreclosure mills are every bit as culpable as MERS and should be joined as Defendants.

  2. Shell says:

    Oh my, has anyone been following Lee county florida? I have many friends there in foreclosure and read that their registar refers to all of those in foreclosure a deadbeat!
    what will be done with this person, whats his name Charlie Green? He committed a huge crime in allowing the fraud to go on and it doesn’t seem to be ending in LEE COUNTY florida.
    What is with this guy ( sold out completely to the banks and they’ll turn against him to! is he so stupid not to see that)

    Is there any attorneys there that is going to bring this task to toil?

    Glad I don’t live there!

  3. As I have said before This site is the best. The AG’s woke up & County Councils across USA have realized Banks Started MERS to avoid recording fees all over the USA. Do you think the Banks are cheap? They thought they had incorporated this identity (MERS) and all would be more profit for investors. On 7/20/11 BofA assigned my home using Me & MERS twitter@judemcdonald see documents, this costs them $53.00 I spent $1.00 to see Mortgage was satisfied in 2007,that is what I see. Check that out! Oh, Alaska Federal Credit Union bought the house! What kind of fool am I? Recorder of Deeds go get your fees,never paid by mortgage companies.

  4. We will have New lawyers graduating to work for Homeowners to save there homes and we will have plenty of new lawyers graduating to work on Foreclosing on Homeowners. Somehow I think the ones against Homeowners will be paid more in their lifetime.
    BofA tried to assigne my house on 7/20/11 to Alaska Federal Credit Union by using ME & MERS. See see copy of transaction.


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