Abigail C. Field | Take down of WaPo's gross pro-bank editorial


Abigail C. Field | Take down of WaPo’s gross pro-bank editorial

Abigail C. Field | Take down of WaPo’s gross pro-bank editorial

One has to be extremely out of touch with what’s happening but good thing there’s Abigail’s dose of Reality Check!

Saying it like it is.

Abigail C. Field-

Yesterday the Washington Post ran a grotesquely bank-skewed editorial chastising New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for his refusal to play ball with the hush money “50 state AG” settlement on the table. Matt Stoller pointed out that the Washington Post owns Kaplan schools, a for profit network of schools, and Schneiderman’s investigating for-profit schools, a fact that the WaPo didn’t disclose. But the Kaplan connection is important in another way too, as it probably explains why the WaPo had so much empathy for the banks in the editorial, and displayed so little understanding of the banks’ victims.


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