The Swindler and the Home Loans - Gretchen Morgenson


The Swindler and the Home Loans – Gretchen Morgenson

The Swindler and the Home Loans – Gretchen Morgenson


HOLDING banks accountable for all those disastrous mortgages has been remarkably difficult. But last week, a big bank agreed to pay a price: Bank of America announced that it would part with $8.5 billion to settle claims that its Countrywide Financial unit had packaged garbage loans into investments that were said to be safe.

That is good news for investors, as these things go. But another, lesser-known case now winding its way through the courts may help others recover losses from lenders who dealt in risky mortgages and claimed that they had no duty to their customers.

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3 Responses to “The Swindler and the Home Loans – Gretchen Morgenson”

  1. Addie James says:

    The swindler anchor bank for gave the loan on my property didn’t tell me a investor who was part of the scam still scam me and my grandchildren out of my home of 15 years than went to the city to apply for a vacant bldg license .I have been trying to find a attorney to sue him,

  2. Addie James says:

    Please help ,this investor/ strawbuyer have my life turn up side down I am so far away now I can’t even see my grandchildren l could not find housing in the city ,he rented my house out than sold it ,he is living high in Chicago beauty salon, restaurant, bar three for homes in want to sue this man I work hard for my home.

  3. Addie James says:

    So 67 years old lived in my 15 years ,Anchor Bank said they bought my home for 154,000 dollars and I didn’t get one dime and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac make gave this fraud group not one but loans on my property while I was still in and never contact I never sign anything Rubino had no right to my property ,Anchor bank forgave the mortgage they got scared , Carrie ran and filed bankruptcy on my property . Dan Rubino Debbie Rubino ,sent people out to my house on the regular basis to turn off my lights they killed my dog, tamper with my mail.listed my property for sale people coming daily . I had to call the police many times it’s on record . JUDGE Vander north said he didn’t know much about these case’s I felt he should of handed my case to a judge that did .housing court threw it out ,The Rubino bought me to court never showed up .now this lawyer showed up at my door ,to help me ,but yet he was working for them. When I bought my house I never filed my papers deed,title,note,mortgage , I put them in a safe place. My papers never surface until my so call attorney ask that I fax him a copie I did ,the next day he come and ask me to sign a 3×5 paper my name three times and when I went to court he had sign my home over to the Rubino .the Department of commerce Cheriton Libbey spread my papers on her desk looking at them and told me this was fraud it was a scam get yourself a lawyer.and the judge could not see this when I told them what commerce had said the bank lawyer had them to strike it from the record ,Rubino said he was to make 5,000 from the deal ,he got more than that plus stole my house . You know I can go on and on but know one is listening . Why I bleed just like everyone else . But I have a heart . Anchor bank seal my case and said if talk about it they would sue me , the attorney general has did more than their part .in two tennis I sent my whole file to Washington is when they called the for closer halt . I toke my case to the FBI,but can’t get a attorney , I am black, I am poor and disabled . And this Rubinos is white with money . And living high off people like me . I work hard for my future . I don’t know what I can do.


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