READ | 16 Page Bank Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Counter Document


READ | 16 Page Bank Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Counter Document

READ | 16 Page Bank Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Counter Document

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Draft Uniform Servicing Standards

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  1. Rita Cheche says:

    Please include me in any class action suit! I am a single mother, having a high school education, working hard, having to pay rent @ 16 yrs. old, starting work @ 14. I had, until Nov. 2005, my own commercial floor contracting corp. (starting in “1986” as a self-employed flooring & wallpaper installer) in Virginia, a non-judicial state.

    I HAD over 2.3 million dollars in assets, a 9-unit apartment building, duplex I bought for my high school best friend, a quadrapalegic, which was a block from Chesapeake Bay beach, a single family rental, (the house I worked out of for over 10 years) and my retirement home, the home which is now upside down over $400,000.00, buying 3.9 acres w/ an old farmhouse built in “1890”, approx. 1,400 sq. ft., building and financing the building of our 4,000 sq. ft. 2-story custom home.

    The 1st. fraudulent closing, Oct. 24, 2005, World Savings Bank in Texas/ Wachovia, 2nd closing, Nov. 21, 2006, Peoples Choice Home Loans in California, Specialized Loan Servicing L.L.C. / Wachovia / Wells Fargo, MERS. I have just about every possible injustice that you can possibly imagine! The first fraud loan includes the broker, Robert Bristol of Challenge Mortgage, Denise Stacey of Shaffer Title & Escrow, Inc., Countrywide Home Loans, Citizens Auto Loan, all 3 Credit Bureaus. I was also ripped off thousands by the businesses that are suppose to help with the fraud: 2 credit clean-up businesses, $5,000.00 to “SAVE MY HOME USA” to SAVE MY HOME! GIVING ME MY Loan Document Audit, etc. they never even made the first call to my lender! Tax Care Professionals, over $7,000.00 to clear-up the false income report by the buyer of my apartment building, they have done Nothing too!

    The Vice President of Wachovia, Judy Wills, answering my complaint on MARCH 28, 2008 to The Office of The Thrift Supervision, FORGED a document in her fraudulent closing package, signing my Name improperly, & DATING THE DOCUMENT SEPTEMBER 23, 2008, approx. THREE YEARS LATER!!! (over 5 months BEFORE the date she sent The Office of The Thrift Supervision the fraudulent closing package. I did not know anything about Statutes of Limitations, but the fact that the Vice Pres. dated closing document September 23, 2008, this is the “Legal” CLOSING DATE). The Office of The Thrift Supervision DID NOTHING, mailing the sealed (unopened) package, inserted Wachovia package into their envelop. I have contacted hundreds, probably thousands of people looking for help, over 15 agencies (have all originals, and documented correspondences) I even contacted the Secret Service and the F.B.I., with no help what-so-ever.

    I currently have a one on one lawsuit against Wachovia/Wells Fargo (Rita Cheche v. Wachovia) for violation of a T.I.L.A. violation, I rescinded the loan, not signing complete package, taking all originals that I signed, which did not have two copies of the 3-day cancellation, drawing up my own 3-day cancellation, faxing, mailing and confirming receipt of the notice before the 3-days expired. I had just made my first payment October 2006, for my new mortgage with Mortgage Lenders USA.

    I paid the only lawyer that would represent a homeowner days before the 3 year statute of limitations ran out. Unfortunitely I feel the lawyer is working for Wachovia not me!!! (already meeting and corresponding, over a hundred attorneys, not only in Virginia, all over the U.S.)
    I was forced to pay thousands upfront, being the total amount I would have to pay, charging any additional fees to the lawsuit, for addition motions, actions etc. It was everything that I had left, losing all real estate, liquidating everything else to cover ALL personal and business financial obligations.
    The lawyer said I would get the amount of money I paid upfront when we WON OUR CASE, ALONG WITH GETTING OUR LIVES BACK, along with several million dollars. they have stolen. SHE SAID WACHOVIA will have to “Make me WHOLE, repairing my credit, and giving back every penny that I have paid them. Compensation for the loss of my business and assets, being held accountable for ruin my life, destroying my family, stealing my son’s college education etc. She is not asking for any of these things, telling me when we go to trial I will only possibly receive $2,000, which is the fine they might have to pay if found guilty of violating the T.I.L.A. That $2,000 is a fine, which I sure goes to the Court! When we got a trial date, she said She wants the title to my vehicle, because she wants another $5,000.00 before telling the court to give me a JURY TRIAL, WHICH IS WHAT I PAID FOR AT THE BEGINNING! WHY THE HELL WOULD I PUT THE LARGEST DESICION IN THE HANDS OF ONE JUDGE!!! She has missed court dates, never informing me until AFTERWARDS. She informed me the Judge is not going to give me attorney’s fee, IF we win. From what the judicial system has let slide, they are just as responsible and currupt as the criminals! Instead, these criminals do not receive ANY PUNISHMENT, being REWARDED BILLIONS IN TARP MONEY, REFUSING TO USE OUR HARD EARNED TAX MONEY, (PLUS OUR CHILDRENS’, CHILDRENS’ TAX MONEY) FOR THE PURPOSE INTENDED, DOING LOAN MODIFICATIONS, AND HELPING TO REPAIR THE LIVES ALL OF THE HOMEOWNERS THESE GREEDY, CHEATING, LAZY, LOSERS UNFAIRLY STOLE. THEIR ONLY SUCCESS, THE DOWNFALL OF OUR COUNTY.

    Anyway, She has not done anything that I expected of her, not even letting me see ANYTHING about the lawsuit she filed on my behalf until almost 3 months after she filed it. I have over 10 answers to my Qualified Written Request that state, “THE NOTE CAN NOT BE PRODUCED”. BUT MY LAWYER’S FIRST SENTENCE IS “The credit transation was EVIIDENCED BY A NOTE SIGNED BY THE PLAINTIFF BEARING THE DATE OF NOVEMBER 21, 2006. THE 2006 DEED OF TRUST WAS A LIEN ON THE HOME!!!

    Weeks AFTER they received my 3-day rescission they mailed (accidently) an ADDITIONAL SET OF BLANK, UNSIGNED FRAUDULENT CLOSING / UNDERWRITING, / “INNER OFFICE” ORIGINALS, being shipped on February 12, 2007 approx. 3 months after the closing, I have the document to prove the shipping date, shipping cost and tracking number printed on one of the documents in this package.
    From: Audrey Pritchard of Alliance Title Co. in California (Wachovia, Wells Fargo, S.L.S)
    To: “THE NOTARY” here in VA, whom I never met, having his signature which is only a few docs. being spelled different, from one page to another and all improper, missing the “SR” at the end of the signature. The notary signatures on required docs, are missing along with the notary seal. I sent the notarized pages to the Virginia Secretary of the Comonwealth for authentication, but they could NOT AUTHENTICATE (I have that documentation also).

    I do not think the cheating, lazy, low life realized the date was printed on HUD Settlement Statement, (being the only 8 1/2″ x 14″ legal size pages, being folded under to match the rest of the 8 1/2″ x 11″ documents fitting in the shipping package) The HUD is PRINTED 8 days AFTER the CLOSING. I’m sure Audrey Pritchard sent it be FORGED, BECAUSE I DID NOT SIGN A NOTE! I have the forged document package, and the original unsigned package of blank documents!

    Also, I have the phone logs proving the communications of the cancellation of the loan, and incriminating inner office emails that are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    They charged almost $60,000.00 for a loan that not only was not cheaper per month, they added an addition 10 years, to my new 30 year “Rescue Loan” and gave me a prepayment penalty.

    They did not consumate the loan, never PAID: HUD Line 303. Cash TO Borrower $1,067.06,

    OVERPAID HUD Line 104. PAYOFF to Morgage Lenders Network USA, $2,384.17, charging for Lender Placed Insurance which they know is completely WRONG, BECAUSE MLNUSA HAD CHARGED ME, see HUD Line 903 “P.O.C. $2,491.00 Buyer” aditional $970.00 Paid from Borrower’s Funds @ Settlement (Flood Line 904. $774.00)Also aditional moneys paid see: Reserves Deposited with Lender Line 1001 Hazard Insurance $1,730.52 Line 1003 City property tax $1,597.45 and Line 1006 Flood Insurance $709.50 plus thousands for title charges, again.

    Additionally, I OVER PAID World Saving Bank/Wachovia $11,333.24 for PAYOFF. BEING OVER CHARGED ESCROW OF $17,156.41 within the 9 months of the 1st Wachovia FRAUD Loan, having already charged me an additional 21 months escrow reserves for hazard (homeowner’s) insurance on HUD, OCT. 24, 2005, still having over 6 months left on the policy (with a $216.00 bump-up to increased loan amount, due date Nov. 18,2005), THEY CANCELLED MY INSURANCE (NOV. 18,2005) WITHIN DAYS OF THE 1st FRAUD LOAN, charging thousands of dollars for LENDER’S FORCED INSURANCE (Nov. 18,2005) CAUSING MY 1.95% FIXED LOAN TO GO NEGATIVE AMORTIZATION BEFORE THEIR 1ST PAYMENT WAS DUE!!! NEVER PAYING (on closing documents) “Accounts To Be Paid At Closing” Citizencaf $45,297.00.

    I can go on & on, having inflated appraisal (when Wachovia flipped the loan back to themselves, charging me almost $800,000.00 the properties 100% value was $374,432.00), padding in the closing costs, bogus mortgage broker fees which are kickbacks, ballon payments, pre-payment penalties, over escrowing, lender forced insurances, FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD.

    I need an attorney to bring another lawsuit BEFORE my lawyer settles with Wachovia / Wells Fargo without me knowing.

    Wells fargo auctioned my home to themselves Aug. 18 ,2010, $450,000.00 for less than half what they charged me,but I let the state put a lien on the house for $93,000.00 in state tax (I do not owe this, the buyer of my apartment building falsely reported to the state and I.R.S, but I am not going to fix this, it is the “ONLY INSURANCE” I HAVE to keep from being thrown in the street! THE CAN NOT GET CLEAR TITLE, UNLESS THEY FORK OUT $100,000.00 AND WE ALL KNOW THE BANKS NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING, THAT MONEY CAN ASSIST THEM IN STEALING A COUPLE THOUSAND MORE HOMES.

    MY CORPORATION , I am the licensed contractor, built the house and have not received payment, so on March 18, 2011 the Corporation put 2 MECHANIC’S LIEN ON THE PROPERTY FOR $774,669.73 (which is documented with originals). One (1) lien is against me, Rita Cheche, OWNER of the Property, and the Second (2) lien is against Wells Fargo, the OWNER. The lien has to be recorded BEFORE the Property LEGALLY changes hands, so, unless they have a friend in the land records office to add to their conspiracy, Wells Fargo is not the owner yet!

    My trial date is October 18, 2011, please help, i DO NOT HAVE A DIME LEFT, now on food stamps, I know with all my evidence we will MAKE HISTORY.

    Contact anytime, Rita Cheche, 757-427-0075,


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