Analysis: Doubts raised on OCC foreclosure estimate


Analysis: Doubts raised on OCC foreclosure estimate

Analysis: Doubts raised on OCC foreclosure estimate


O. Max Gardner III, a lawyer and expert on foreclosure cases handled in bankruptcy courts, said that the OCC must have used an unfairly narrow definition of a wrongful sale.

He said that in most of the hundreds of cases he has handled, banks misstated the amounts homeowners actually owed, failed to record or properly allocate mortgage payments, and tacked on thousands of dollars in unauthorized and excessive fees.

“We see a problem with the dollars and cents in almost every single bankruptcy case that I file,” Gardner said.

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One Response to “Analysis: Doubts raised on OCC foreclosure estimate”


    Little Voices … We have a Conundrum

    We must report individually facts of harm and injury to the Attorney Generals both state and federal.

    Congress controls all matters related to commerce.

    We may only be heard as a group of we each (spouses individually) submit in writing, email, fax, our written complaint.

    The most powerful form and right not yet stolen from us is the right to Petition Redress of Grievances seeking injunctive relief and remedy as allowed under law.

    The Petition must be written correctly or will go into the black-hole ‘not our jurisdiction’

    Who will create by state, examples of Petitions to Redress Grievances seeking injunctive relief:

    Little voices can be heard, one by one, as the harm was done, one mortgage at a time. The facts of harm and injury are conformed between the TRUSTEE, SERVICER, Lender, Debt Collector Foreclosure Mill, Robo-Signing of the foreclouse mills.

    Filed falsified documents with public office
    including the Assignment, Lis Pendens, Complaint of Foreclosue.

    Complaint filed prior to Assignment.

    Plaintiff not the party with standing owed the debt, rather the original SELLER (of the discounted loan) to the BUYER are in Agreements in event of default the SELLER during a default event executes secret agreements (reconstituting) loan, creating a new debt, using the same loan#, to file a securitized instrument that the Court will consider to be a true and accurate business statement and affidavit and attestation tha the defendant owes them money and they have the right to take the property.

    What will the 112th Congress do about the fact they made big mistakes allowing foreing orgnaizations to target the weakest link, consumers real estate.

    A long time ago following the depression, Congress ruled that the local farmer’s wife had to ride their horse to the general store to buy grain and could not use their own raw materials (grain) produced on their own land. The laws were enforced protecting everyone healing the economy.

    Has Congress decided to go with the new owners of the real estate of the USA?

    Why has Congress ignored the harm to the economy?

    Congress you instructed the Foreign organizations come into America, attend our law schools,clerk for the Courts.

    How could Congress not protect the weakest link targetted with intent?

    The loopholes were harming individual consumers. Defendants owning money on property are treated as an inferior class of consumer thorughout the United States of America.

    Due process of law to prevent unlawful seizure difficult when the facts of harm and injury require consumers to present accurate business statements which consumers are without accurate facts withheld from them intentionally.

    To produce evidence requires in many cases piercing veil of corporation which is outside the Jurisdiction of the Chancery Court of Equity.

    We know that the party standing before the court is not the lawful party, that the complaint was filed before the Assignment, that the Substitute Trustee is not the party owed the debt but how can we prove it within the four corners of the contract.

    Who the lawful party actually is remains outside the jurisdiction of the court dedicated to hear the consumer complaint.

    The intent of the Substantive omissions of material facts are with intent to hide the origination, hide the servicing, hide the complaint of foreclosure data facts. Read the unassociated documents, miscellaneous exhibits, attached to the financial statements typically off of the 8K of the ‘Issuing Entity’ name of the ‘xxxxx’ in the Complaint. Find the multiple documents that re-engineer in the event of a default the acceleration and who will act as substitute trustee for which ‘xxxxxx’ the loan# was not placed into during origiantion.

    Consumers are reasonable people purchased finanical products placed into the public domain for consumer consumption.

    The products sold now found to be indeed defective at time of sale.

    Consumers as reasonable people are not expected to inspect the financial products manufactured by the bank’s parent as a financial holding company.

    Consumers are to be protected by state and federal lwas.

    The deceptive advertising clearly blasted since 2000 TV, internet, radio, newspapers, magazines, US Postal Mail, did provide consumers with a false sense of security we could trust this #1 Virtual Bank, #1 Originator, this #1 Servicer and buy the financial services and products their employees recommended.

    The fact that the products placed into the public domain are not safe to buy and use as intended is still happening. Wells Fargo married Wachovia and its surname is chaning.

    The foreign organizations who now own the United States of America appear to have won and did so with the help of Congress overstepping its limited powers and preventing enforcement of laws.

    Should we lay down and not fight?

    Should we allow a party not owed the debt to take our properties?

    Substantive Omissions of Material Facts (withholding accurate business statements and documents) employees allowed to make False statements, false claims, misrepresentations, fraud, theft, deceptive advertising, doing business as a bank using a banks name to withhold accurate business statements, the banks’ employees took consumer residential and commercial properties to’Wholesale Lenders who sell discounted loans’ to each other.

    How did Wells Fargo & Co, in 2000, become the #1 Originator, #1 Servicer, #1 Virtual Company in North America?

    Wells Fargo & Co/MN (formerly Norwest Corp) 11/2/1998 became a subsidiary. All former registrations and agreements remained in effect and affect.

    Does Congress realize Foothills Group Inc. and subsisiary in 1992/1993, acqired Norwest Corp and targetted real estate one mortgage at a time?

    Consumers are the weakest link of the Federal Republic legal system the laws protect superior class of consumer throughout the United States of America.

    As a class of consumer treated to be inferior in all matters related to commerce, the ulawful business acts of the employee’s of the foreign organizations harmed the economy, third element of our national security.

    Does Congress realize that the foreign organization,(Foothills Group Inc., subsidiary Foothills Capital Corp, since 1992/1993 who acquired Norwest Corp) controlled the non-conforming real estate industry by 1998?

    Wells Fargo & Co/MN was already Norwest – GMAC Mortgage – Residential Funding (Colony) since 1985.

    Did you not know the ‘Unique Model’ of Wells Fargo & Co?

    Former Wells Fargo Compay and ‘Norwest Corp’ already in agreements with HSBC, HFC, SunTrust, Lehman Brothers, Structured Asset Securities Corp, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Wells Fargo, Chase Manhattan Mortgage, Prudential, BNY, were pulling residential mortgage properties into the wholesale pipeline selling discounted loans. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with undue influence over USA business.

    By 1998, the marraige of Norwest and Wells Fargo, created the unique model which harmed the economy allowing foreign organizations to target consumers real estate one mortgage at a time.

    Norwest took on the bride’s name, and allowed Wells Fargo & Co. as Parent to move into its principal location 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA. Alike a traditonal marraige, the children took on the Wells Fargo & Co. name, proudly displaying on Main Steets USA in all 50 states and US territories 2000 forward.

    In 1998, former Wells Fargo & Co., and former Norwest agreements and registrations survived.

    By 3/13/2000, the Parent began operating as a financial holding company-domestic. Wells Fargo & Co. with intent, campaigned virtually able to do business virtually world wide.

    Trade Name ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ and ‘Wells Fargo Home Mortgage’ utilized to target American families to bring in to the storefronts their property. Deceptive advertising unduly influenced consumer behavior and as reasonable people consumers did not know that the actual business was not retail, rather selling discounted loans to third party’s.

    ‘Wells Fargo’ is not a safe place one can entrustreal and personal property for they do not follow the laws of the United States of America and require their MEMBERS to not follow the laws of the United States of America and spit upon the Federal Republic.

    “Wells Fargo’ is a trade name and the retail transactions are not in the interest of the welfare of our nation.

    Sadly for a decade, the residential properties targetted by foreign organizations now controls the real estate industry, banking, securities, and the economy is on the verge of collapse and control of foreign organizations.

    ‘Wells Fargo & Co’ 11/2/98 married Norwest Corp. Norwest took on the ‘Surname’ of Wells Fargo & Company. Norwest’s dowery came with virtual supply chain in which SERVICERS agents, brokers, dealers, distributors along with FREDERICK MD and Non-FREDERICK MD brokers do business using the family name.

    Trade name is a Trojan Horse.

    An American institution utilized to deceive consumers who are assumed to be stupid people who sign stupid contracts.

    We did! We trusted others with matters we throught were complicated. We trusted all of Congress and our States to protect us. We trusted the attorney’s who did the closings. We trusted the employees of banks. We are stupid and belive in the Principles of Justice and Fairness and are without knowledge of law as reasonable people.

    Damn it! We are the weakest link!

    Who was paid to not be the weakest link?
    Who do we pay to protect the nation?

    Did Congress know residential properties since 3/13/2000 were taken directly into the supply-chain of the wholesale lenders?

    That the advertising virtually world-wide was deceptive? Afterall Congress allowed all of the deregulation and must have believed we were safe!

    The SEC, FRB, OCC, OTS, FDIC, HUD… are not an authority who enforces consumer proection laws. LOOPHOLE!

    Did Congress know that one big-bad foreign organization, The Foothills Group, and Foothill Capital Group, covets control of the world economy? And did with intent methodically create business transactions that would fail the economic balance, for the foreclouses are only part of the plan: 1) own the real estate of the US; 2) force economy to collapse thru LOOPHOLE US won’t let insurance companies fail.

    Now if Congress investigated and allowed the laws to be enforced they would not have to allow the insurance companies to survive who are part of the plan! Aambac! read the speadsheet:

    You’ll find the relationshps of the foreing organization (Wells Fargo & Co/MN) and GMAC and Residential Funding and …
    #1 Originator, and #1 Servicer and #1 Virtual Bank, in 2000, Norwest, Microsoft, Freddie Mac, GMAC-RFC, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp, were already in business together birthing Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.


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