DailyFinance | Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks' Lawyers Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds


DailyFinance | Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks’ Lawyers Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds

DailyFinance | Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks’ Lawyers Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds

Posted 1:30 PM 03/09/11

As if the country needed more proof of the outlaw behaviors of banks and their agents, The Baltimore Sun‘s Jamie Smith Hopkins reports that 1,000 or more Maryland deeds are likely forgeries, created by a foreclosure mill. A former notary from law firm Shapiro & Burson filed an affidavit with law enforcement and regulators charging that the attorneys’ signatures on the deeds and other important documents were forgeries signed at the express direction of management. The affidavit attached sample signatures.

If the forgery claims are true — and that’s not much of an “if” — the false deeds cloud the properties’ titles, creating a nightmare for the innocent people who bought the homes after they were foreclosed upon.

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One Response to “DailyFinance | Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks’ Lawyers Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds”

  1. Lawyer frauds such as this are the primary reason why remedies for foreclosure fraud MUST INCLUDE blatant wrongs that occur in courtrooms nationwide by lawyers who file foreclosure proceedings!

    Foreclosure lawyers serve purposes of ensuring that property deeds become RECORDED out of homeowners’ names. From foreclosure fraud comes ILLEGAL FLIPPING and BLIGHTED NEIGHBORHOODS. Examples: [*What happens when a bank begins to foreclose on a property, then changes its mind? @ http://bit.ly/dUd0zi *Drowning at Foreclosed Home @ http://t.co/SJJrcxg%5D

    Lenders are NOT always the ones foreclosing on their security interests! There are foreclosures that NEVER became returned to lenders, but were fraudulently “CREDIT BIT” by “Straw Buyers” and judicial insiders.

    Also, none other than lawyers who file foreclosure cases, and record deeds (after PURPORTED foreclosures), have capacity to defraud Bankruptcy Courts as well as homeowners by filing FALSE motions to “Lift Automatic Stay” and false “Proof of Claims.”

    In foreclosure fraud, foreclosure lawyers file QUICKLY file fabricated Bankruptcy court pleadings via some lender identity with absolutely NO “standing.” Thereby lawyers defeat Bankruptcy cases they have no business entering; although courts HAVE NO JURISDICTION without “standing,” and therefore no authority to preside over sham foreclosure pleadings. *More @ http://chn.ge/eU2zAm


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