Extend and Pretend, Both Rep. Kaptur and Miller Got What's Going On!


Extend and Pretend, Both Rep. Kaptur and Miller Got What’s Going On!

Extend and Pretend, Both Rep. Kaptur and Miller Got What’s Going On!

From Zack Carter’s Article on Huffington Post:

“I’ve talked to a few people on the investor side of the mortgage-backed securities business, and they said doing business with Wall Street now is like doing business with oligarchs in Russia,” Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.) said. “You have to factor in the fact that contracts are not enforceable when you’re dealing with these banks.”

and this…

“I am incensed that the FBI has not filed one criminal case,” Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) said, referring to the lack of prosecutions against major banking executives. “And I’m very worried that the game that’s being played here is to run out the statute of limitations.”

Ahh hhaaaa moments don’tcha think! Spread this news … more games.

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One Response to “Extend and Pretend, Both Rep. Kaptur and Miller Got What’s Going On!”

  1. BangorMaine says:

    The statute of Limitations that banks are depending on can be defeated by joining your complaint of the mortgage company with a complaint of 18 USC 371 particularly conspiracy to defraud the US Government by and or through a Governmental Instrumentality.

    If they are depending on a HUD, FHA etc guaranteed loan or through said agencys or any other Government angency or agent of that agency by and or through a program with well defined parameters the Bank / Mortgage company failed to meet.

    As this law, applicable to non law enforcement as anyone can file this complaint. Its main qaulifier is “THE LAST OVERT ACT” in effort to complete, or to continue said conspiracy.

    I contend in my own arguments that the monthly payment as required and demanded by Mortgage co. / Bank servicers is by definition a last overt act in an effort to complete (pay the loan off or default and lose your home), or to continue said conspiracy.

    Conpiracies by definition are ongoing.

    I hope this helps someone.


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