Free From Foreclosure? Oregon Senator Sponsors 'Anti-MERS' Bill to Protect Homeowners


Free From Foreclosure? Oregon Senator Sponsors ‘Anti-MERS’ Bill to Protect Homeowners

Free From Foreclosure? Oregon Senator Sponsors ‘Anti-MERS’ Bill to Protect Homeowners

March 2nd, 2011 By JAMES PITKIN

State Sen. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Washington County) is sponsoring a bill in the Legislature that could affect thousands of Oregon homeowners.

As reported in today’s WW, homeowners have accused Virginia-based Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems of foreclosing on their properties without the correct paperwork or legal standing. The company has faced legal challenges across the country—including from former Portland mortgage broker Dawn Lind, the subject of our story.

Experts say one of the problems with MERS is that it’s unclear who actually owns the mortgage for the homes MERS tries to foreclose.

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One Response to “Free From Foreclosure? Oregon Senator Sponsors ‘Anti-MERS’ Bill to Protect Homeowners”

  1. mike says:

    Lo and Behold
    Search your news today. After Arizona passed SB1259
    Bank of America is now modifying loans in Arizona!
    Arizona passed SB 1259 requiring the banks produce all necessary paperwork and note and assignments before the bank can take back the home.
    Its impossible for the banks to produce these documents that is why they are using these fake robo signed documents.
    Time for everyone to contact your congressperson and introduce legislation into every state to force these banks to produce all necessary paperwork to take homes.
    California congressman Filner is the person to introduce this bill he is upset with the bank and says Chase bank has the blood of soldiers on its hands
    Soldiers committing SUICIDE because these bank Servicers are stealiing their homes

    Contact this congressperson and tell him to introduce legislation like Arizona and Oregon
    SB 484 Oregon
    SB 1259 Arizona
    I contacted his office today
    760 355 8800
    619 422 5963

    Everyone else contact your congressperson. Let them know Bank servicers are stealing homes legislation like that in Arizona and Oregon needs to be passed in every state


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