[VIDEO] MERSCORP CEO "There are 20,000 (robo-signers) of those nationwide"


[VIDEO] MERSCORP CEO “There are 20,000 (robo-signers) of those nationwide”

[VIDEO] MERSCORP CEO “There are 20,000 (robo-signers) of those nationwide”

Senator Merkley: How many folks have you designated as certifying officers essentially, temporarily made them members of your company? In order to execute this process?

Mr. Arnold: Well it’s not temporary… its limited… their limited to  7 specific items that they can do for MERS…ahh there are TWENTY THOUSAND (20,000) of those nationwide.

Mr. Merkely: I’m sorry I’m out of time but it’s creating a legal confusion and that’s an issue and I’m sorry. Thank you all very much.

“7 VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS” that may involve trillions of dollars worth of real estate that are executed by any one of these 20,000 robo-signers… But if you read on this image below …it’s well over “7 Specific Documents” more like ANY & ALL!

Actual excerpt from a MERS Agreement of Signing Authority.

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  1. dawn m Casey says:

    I have a MERS assignment from Countrywide to BOA to trustee Bank of NY, signed by an Andrea N Gonzalez, as asst sec. on behalf of MERS in Arizona, I did not know they had location in AZ and can not locate the signer A. Gonzalez, if anyone can shed any light on this assignment fraud I would be grateful for any input you could provide to me as summary judgement was granted to BONY, who wrote me a letter stating their inability as trustee to seek or pursue foreclosure, yet the moron judge, allowed it anyway!!!


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