EXCLUSIVE: MA AG Martha Coakley Investigating Foreclosure Mill Harmon Law Offices


EXCLUSIVE: MA AG Martha Coakley Investigating Foreclosure Mill Harmon Law Offices

EXCLUSIVE: MA AG Martha Coakley Investigating Foreclosure Mill Harmon Law Offices

Nothing like starting off a Monday morning with back to back complaints! Except this one has lots of meat.

As mentioned in a previous post

Keep your eye on Harmon Law Offices, P.C. in Newton Highlands, MA 02461 aka Mark P. Harmon who serves as a director of Law offices of David J. Stern’s “DJSP Enterprises Inc.”

Birds of a feather flock together…so they say

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8 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: MA AG Martha Coakley Investigating Foreclosure Mill Harmon Law Offices”

  1. Wilbur113 says:

    The Clerk for the county recorders office is voted in by the people not put in place by the banksters

    MERS has no legal standing to privatize a public land and property assignment registry maintained by city government’s property recordings offices. A position that is voted in and candidates runs for the office and is voted in by the people through a democratic process.

  2. cristina says:

    you would not believe what harmon law and wells fargo na have put us through they are actioning are home over one missed payment that was stole from us they have refused to talk to us and we send them documents and they always …. say we dont have a record of this our loan was for 38900 and our house is worth 187000 this has so much more to this story i would love to show it and get it out there so anyone else whos going through this can see what is going on with these underhanded banks and layers are getting away with if any is intristed in seeing all the proof we have or listen to our case i would be happy to fill you in this is a injustice that all us home oweners are getting screwed so badly someone should help us …….. is there any honest people out there any more we all need to band together and stop this from happining to people who dont know what to do thank you

  3. cristina says:

    I would just like to say im glad someone is looking into all these bad forclosures but more needs to be done and fast these banks and lawyers are getting away with robbing home owners we have a sale for our house and not a short sale a regualer sale and wells fargo will not let us complete our sale can anyone tell me why we need some real help i would love to just talk with martha coakley and my bank and get this out there and get some real help for my family we need some real laws made and up held against these corprit crooks and the underhanded acts they do .

  4. Homeowners Need Zealous Advocates

    Mark Harmon, in my opinion, is technically incorrect as quoted, in the Boston Globe, August 7, 2011 page A14, “They (banks and other lenders) loaned people money. It is not being paid back, and they need to be represented, and it is required that we represent them zealously.”

    First, there was no real money loaned to people. Credit was loaned. The homeowner’s credit as a signed promise to pay, not the bank’s, was loaned. Also, usually, over time the original lender sold or securitized the loan, clouding the title and creating a foreclosing “lender” that is not the originating lender. Second, it doesn’t have to be paid back. Since no real money or depositor’s money or actual consideration was loaned and since consideration is part of a legal contract, the original contract is illegal and unenforceable from the start. According to RICO, (Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organization Act), there is no legal obligation to pay back money that was provided illegally! Third, bankers do not need to be represented by outside law firms; they already have the best lawyers. Try suing a bank for discovery! And fourth, as a warning to Harmon Law, don’t be too zealous. Fraudulent statements brought into a court, according to the laws of Massachusetts, will be subject to huge fines.

    Building an empire by conquest or stealing other people’s homes and property has been going on for centuries. Harmon Law perpetuates that practice! You can stop them in their tracks by stopping your mortgage payment now and challenging these bankers and lenders in their fraudulent practices.

    David Snieckus
    Advocate for Public Banking
    99 Crescent Street
    Newton, MA 02466


    Most of us do not understand the difference between money and credit and we have trusted bankers and lawyers and judges to be honest. Credit and money are different. Every homeowner, whether in foreclosure or not, needs to learn this, study this, and apply this if they want a home, free and clear. It’s the American Dream!

  5. Brad Bound says:

    Can someone knowledgable provide feedback on this scenario; on numerous occasions when I called Wells-Fargo in regards to the status of my “promised” modification, before I said anything, the first thing I heard were the automated words “calls may be recorded for quality assurance.”
    Therefore, I recorded my telephone conversations with Wells-Fargo representatives (as they stated that “calls”, “MAY be recorded”.)
    My question is… would these recorded conversations be admissable in a court of law? (Massachusetts)
    If so, I believe I can demonstrate a situation of premeditated and deceptive business practices.


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