Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc (MERS) has a very long history. The beginning stages have remained a mystery until now.

In 1989, Brian Hershkowitz developed the “Whole Loan Book Entry” concept while serving as a director for the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). In 1990, he first introduced this concept to seven different industry groups; Document Custodian, Originators, Servicers, Title Insurers, County Recorders, Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE’s) and Warehouse/Interim Lenders. The reception was very positive and it was viewed as a very useful recording system to be used for how equity and debt securities could be identified and managed.

In 1991, Mr. Hershkowtiz published Farming It Out in Mortgage Banking Magazine. His main discussion in this article is primarily about getting the opinion of the experts in the technology outsourcing service industry. In 1992, Mr. Hershkowitz published another article called Cutting Edge Solutions in Mortgage Banking Magazine. In this particular article he mentions the actual meeting that took place at the Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBA) headquarters with many key players that are known today as some of MERSCORP’s shareholders, such as, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In this meeting they discussed a “System” that will bring changes in mortgage records.

Mr. Hershkowitz went on to become President and COO of LandSafe Credit, a leading settlement service provider that was a subsidiary of Countrywide. Mr. Hershkowitz also spent several years serving Countrywide in the areas of strategic planning and executive management.

In 2001, Mr. Hershkowitz became Executive Vice President at Fidelity National Information Services (FNIS) and President of its mortgage and information services division. His responsibilities included management of the Company’s data offerings, including public records information, credit reporting information, flood hazard compliance data, real estate tax information and collateral valuation services. He left FNIS in November of 2006 to become Chief Executive Officer of Maximum Value Group, a consulting firm focused on providing advice to private equity and other market participants in the area of banking and mortgages.


MERS has evolved into a totally different purpose today.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MERSCORP Inc., located at 1595 Spring Hill Rd Ste 310 Vienna, VA 22182.

MERS was founded by the mortgage industry. MERS tracks “changes” in the ownership of the beneficial and servicing interests of mortgage loans as they are bought and sold among MERS members or others. Simultaneously, MERS acts as the “mortgagee” of record in a “nominee” capacity (a form of agency) for the beneficial owners of these loans.

To ensure widespread acceptance within the industry, MERS sought to have security instruments modified to contain MERS as the original mortgagee (MOM) language. MERS began to change decades of business practices after the two biggest mortgage funders in the U.S. the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and the Ferderal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) modified their Uniform Security Instruments to include MOM language. Their approval opened the doors to incorporate MERS into loans at origination.

Soon after, U.S. government agencies like the Veterans Administration, Federal Housing administration and Government National Mortgage Association (Ginne Mae), and several state housing agencies followed both Fannie/Freddie to approve MERS.

More than 60 percent of all newly-originated mortgages are registered in MERS. Its mission is to register every mortgage loan in the United States on the MERS System. Since 1997, more than 65 million home mortgages have been assigned a Mortgage Identification Number (MIN) and have been registered on the MERS System.

The mortgage-backed security (MBS) sector tested the viability of MERS because a substantial number of mortgages are securitized in the secondary market. In February 1999, Lehman Brothers was the first company to include MERS registered loans in a MBS.

Moody’s Investor Service issued an independent Structured Finance special report  on MERS and it’s impact of MBS transactions and found that where the securitzer used MERS, new assignments of mortgages to the trustee of MBS transactions were not necessary.

Since MERS is a privately owned data system and not public, all mortgages and assignments must be recorded in order to perfect a lien. Since they failed to record assignments when these loans often traded ownership several times before any assignment was created, the legal issue is apparent. MERS may have destroyed the public land records by breaking the chain of title to millions of homes.


In or around the summer of 1997, MERSCORP President and CEO R.K. Arnold wrote, “Yes, There is life on MERS” Mr. Arnold stated, “Some county recorders have expressed concerns that MERS will eliminate their offices nationwide or destroy the public land records by breaking the chain of title. As implemented, MERS will not create a break in the chain of title, and, because MERS is premised on an assignment recorded in the public land records, MERS cannot work without county recorders.”

In this same article Mr. Arnold also states “The sheer volume of transfers between servicing companies and the resulting need to record assignments caused a heavy drag on the secondary market. Loan servicing can trade several times before even the first assignment in a chain is recorded, leaving the public land records clogged with unnecessary assignments. Sometimes these assignments are recorded in the wrong sequence, clouding title to the property”. Mr. Arnold never mentions the fact that the mortgage notes have been securitized, thereby becoming “negotiable securities” under the Uniform Commercial Code.

In an interview for The New York Times, Mr. Arnold said, “that his company had benefited not only banks, but also millions of borrowers who could not have obtained loans without the money-saving efficiencies MERS brought to the mortgage trade.”

Mr. Arnold went on to say that, ” far from posing a hurdle for homeowners, MERS had helped reduce mortgage fraud and imposed order on a sprawling industry where, in the past, lenders might have gone out of business and left no contact information for borrowers seeking assistance.”

“We’re not this big bad animal,” Mr. Arnold said. “This crisis that we’ve had in the mortgage business would have been a lot worse without MERS.”

Unfortunately, even a simple search in the Florida Land Records proves the opposite to be the case. Researchers have  easily found affidavits of lost assignments actually stating, “the said mortgage was assigned to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., from “XXXXXXX”, the original of the said assignment to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., was lost, misplaced or destroyed before same could be placed of record with the Florida Land Records County Clerk’s office; That, “XXXXXXX”, it’s successors and/or assignee is no longer in business/or do not respond to our request for a duplicate assignment, and therefore, a duplicate original of said assignment cannot be obtained.”

According to affidavits such as these, not only have the borrowers lost contact with the lenders, but the same is true that MERS did as well.

On September 25, 2009, Mr. R.K. Arnold was deposed in Alabama. Mr. Arnold admitted MERS does not have a beneficial interest in any loan, does not loan money and does not suffer a default if monies are not paid. On November 11, 2009, William C. Hultman was deposed in Alabama and made the same admissions.

Yet again, researchers have easily located affidavits recorded in the Florida Land Records stating “That said Deed of Trust has not been assigned to any other party and that MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, Inc. is the current holder and owner of the Note and Deed of Trust in question.”


Aside from not recording assignments, Mr. Arnold failed to mention that the certifying officers given authority to execute sensitive loan documents would not be paid employees of MERS. This raises the critical legal question as to how one can act as a certified officer and execute any equitable interest on behalf of any security instruments without being an employee of MERS.

On April 7, 2010, in the Superior Court of New Jersey, MERS Treasurer and Secretary William C. Hultman gave an oral sworn video/telephone deposition in the case of Bank Of New York v. Ukpe.:

Q Do the assistant secretaries — first off, are
you a salaried employee of MERS?
A No.

Q Are you a salaried employee of MERS Corp,
A Yes.

Q Are any of the employees of MERS, Inc.
salaried employees?
A I don’t understand your question.

Q Does anyone get a paycheck, if they are an
employee of MERS, Inc., do they get a paycheck from
Mercer, Inc.?
A There is no MERS, Inc.

Q I thought, sir, there’s a company that was
formed January 1, 1999, Mortgage Electronic Registration
Systems, Inc. Does it have paid employees?
A No, it does not.

Q Does it have employees?
A No.

Q Does MERS have any employees?
A Did they ever have any? I couldn’t hear you.

Q Does MERS have any employees currently?
A No.

Q In the last five years has MERS had any
A No.


Q How many assistant secretaries have you
appointed pursuant to the April 9, 1998 resolution; how
many assistant secretaries of MERS have you appointed?
A I don’t know that number.

Q Approximately?
A I wouldn’t even begin to be able to tell you
right now.

Q Is it in the thousands?
A Yes.

Q Have you been doing this all around the
country in every state in the country?
A Yes.

Q And all these officers I understand are unpaid
officers of MERS?
A Yes.

Q And there’s no live person who is an employee
of MERS that they report to, is that correct, who is an employee?
A There are no employees of MERS.

If so, how does anyone have any authority to sign security instruments encumbered by any loan documents, if these certifying officers are not paid employees and never attend corporate meetings in the capacity as Vice President, Assistant Secretary, etc. with Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc..


Federal and state judges across America are realizing that the mortgage industry’s nominee is backfiring.

In Mr. Arnold’s own words, “For these servicing companies to perform their duties satisfactorily, the note and mortgage were bifurcated. The investor or its designee held the note and named the servicing company as mortgagee, a structure that became standard.” What has become a satisfactory standard structure for the mortgage industry has not been found by many courts to be legally sufficient to foreclose upon the property.

Again, MERS only acts as nominee for the mortgagee of record for any mortgage loan registered on the computer system MERS maintains, called the MERS System. MERS cannot negotiate a security instrument. Therefore, MERS certifying officers cannot have legal standing to assign what MERS does not own or hold.

The Supreme Court of New York Nassau County:
Bank of New York Mellon V. Juan Mojica Index No: 26203/09

Justice Thomas A. Adams stated, “Not only has plaintiff failed to establish MERS’ right as a nominee for purposes of recording to assign the mortgage, more importantly, no effort has been made to establish the authority of MERS, a non-party to the note, to transfer its ownership.”

The Supreme Court of Maine:
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. v. Saunders, No. 09-640, 2010 WL 3168374,
(Me. August 12, 2010) The Court explains that the only rights conveyed to MERS in either the Saunders’ mortgage or the corresponding promissory note are bare legal title to the property for the sole purpose of recording the mortgage and the corresponding right to record the mortgage with the Registry of Deeds. This comports with the limited role of a nominee. A nominee is a “person designated to act in place of another, usu[ally] in a very limited way,” or a “party who holds bare legal title for the benefit of others or who receives and distributes funds for the benefit of others.” Black’s Law Dictionary 1149 (9th ed. 2009).

In Hawkins, No. BK-S-07-13593-LBR, 2009 WL 901766
The Court found that the deed of trust “attempts to name MERS as both beneficiary and a nominee” but held that MERS was not the beneficiary, as it had “no rights whatsoever to any payments, to any servicing rights, or to any of the properties secured by the loans.”

In Re: Walker, Case No. 10-21656-E-11 Eastern District of CA Bankruptcy court rules MERS has NO actionable interest in title. “Any attempt to transfer the beneficial interest of a trust deed without ownership of the underlying note is void under California law.” “MERS could not, as a matter of law, have transferred the note to Citibank from the original lender, Bayrock Mortgage Corp.” The Court’s ruled that MERS and Citibank are not the real parties in interest.

In re Vargas, 396 B.R. at 517-19. Judge Bufford found that the witness called to testify as to debt and default was incompetent. All the witness could testify was that he had looked at the MERS computerized records. The witness was unable to satisfy the requirements of the Federal Rules of Evidence, particularly Rule 803, as applied to computerized records in the Ninth Circuit. See id. at 517-20. “The low level employee could really only testify that the MERS screen shot he reviewed reflected a default. That really is not much in the way of evidence, and not nearly enough to get around the hearsay rule.”


In US Bank v. Harpster the Law Offices Of David J. Stern committed fraud on the court by the evidence based on the Assignment of Mortgage that was created and notarized on December 5, 2007. However, that purported creation/notarization date was facially impossible: the stamp on the notary was dated May 19, 2012. Since Notary commissions only last four years in Florida (see F .S. Section 117.01 (l)), the notary stamp used on this instrument did not even exist until approximately five months after the purported date on the Assignment.

The Court specifically finds that the purported Assignment did not exist at the time of filing of this action; that the purported Assignment was subsequently created and the execution date and notarial date were fraudulently backdated, in a purposeful, intentional effort to mislead the Defendant and this Court. The Court rejects the Assignment and finds that is not entitled to introduction in evidence for any purpose. The Court finds that the Plaintiff does not have standing to bring its action.

The Court dismissed this case with prejudice.

In Duval County, Florida another foreclosure case was dismissed with prejudice for fraud on the court. In JPMorgan V. Pocopanni, the Court found that Fishman & Shapiro representing JPMorgan had actual knowledge at all times that the Complaint, the Assignment, and the Motion for Substitution were all false. The Court found that by clear and convincing evidence WAMU, Chase and Shapiro & Fishman committed fraud on this court.

Both these cases involved Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. assignments.


Two RICO Class Action lawsuits have commenced against Foreclosure Law Firms and MERSCORP for fabricating and forging documents that are entered into courts as evidence in order to have standing to foreclose. Unknown to judges and the borrowers, they accept these documents because they are executed under perjury of the law. These “tromp l’oeil” actions have finally surfaced and the courts has taking notice.

The lack of supervision and managing of MERS “Robo-Signers” has led to a national frenzy of fabrication, forgery and certifying officers wearing multiple corporate hats. Anyone who compares signatures of these certifying officers will see a major problem with forgery in hundreds of thousands affidavits and assignments which creates an enormous dark cloud of title defects to millions of homes across the US.

On August 10, 2010 Florida attorney general Bill McCollum announced that he is investigating three foreclosure law firms for allegedly providing fraudulent assignments and affidavits relating in foreclosure cases.

In a deposition taken in December 2009, GMAC employee Jeffrey Stephan said he signed 10,000 affidavits or similar documents a month without personally verifying who the mortgage holder was. That means many foreclosures could have taken place based on false documentation and many homes may have been unlawfully foreclosed on.

On September 20, 2010, GMAC halted foreclosures in 23 different states. Two of the three firms being investigated by the Florida attorney general, the Law Office of Marshall C. Watson and the Law Offices of David J. Stern PA, have represented GMAC in foreclosure proceedings.

This is not limited to only GMAC Mortgage. There are many hundreds of thousands of these same documents that are being created by many foreclosure law firms across the nation.

University of Utah law professor Christopher L. Peterson has raised the issue that MERS should be regarded as a debt collector. He argues that some of MERS’ methods are just the sort of deceptive practices that ought to be regulated under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), 15 U. S. C. §1692(a),(j).


Finally in May, 2009, Mr. Arnold said in Mortgage Technology Magazine, “Every system in the mortgage industry can switch MERS registry on or off at will,” referencing that both the Obama administration and Congressional leaders are aware of this.

President Obama and Congressional leaders it is time to permanently switch MERS lifeless device off!

Not until MERS became the primary focus for challenges to legal standing in foreclosure courts as reported by the alternative media, have the main stream media and the mortgage industry have begun to realize that property records cross the United States have become totally unreliable.

It has taken more than a decade for the courts to recognize that MERS has become a mortgage backfire system leaving clouded titles in over 65 million loans since 1997.

Courts across the nation must comply with the law.  Any documents submitted to the courts regarding property ownership should be assumed to be nothing but smoke in a mirror.

No, Mr. Arnold, there’s no life at MERS.

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33 Responses to “NO. THERE’S NO LIFE AT MERS”

  1. Tom Blanton says:

    “Since MERS is a privately owned data system and not public, all mortgages and assignments must be recorded in order to perfect a lien. Since they failed to record assignments when these loans often traded ownership several times before any assignment was created, the legal issue is apparent. MERS has destroyed the public land records by breaking the chain of title to millions of homes.”

    MERS is certainly guilty of incompetent practices and extremely sloppy document preparation. They have created some title problems (which create extra hassles to fix). The trend of having operations centralized in areas outside the jurisdiction of the real estate, which is now rampant in the mortgage industry as a whole, has caused problems because of ignorance or local laws and customs. But, MERS has not “destroyed” public land records or broken the chain of title to homes.

    I have been a self-employed real estate title examiner in Virginia for over 2 decades and I have yet to see or hear anything that would confirm these allegations regarding MERS. MERS was created to reduce the number of assignments that had to be recorded and to facilitate those who securitize mortgage notes. Unfortunately, their model did not comport with every jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions never required assignments to be recorded and relied on affidavits to release mortgage loans. MERS wants to act as an attorney-in-fact, rather than as an agent (nominee), for lenders, despite not having a recorded Power of Attorney.

    Having an unreleased mortgage does not break the chain of title. It is simply a lien against the property. The noteholder of record may release it. If it is uncertain who the noteholder is, most jurisdictions have judicial remedies to release the lien. This is not uncommon.

    There is no question that navigating land records has become more complex in recent years due to multiple refinancing of mortgages, assignments, poorly drafted documents, loan closers that neglect to release prior liens, and incompetent closers, lenders, attorneys, servicers, and title insurers. MERS is hardly the sole source of these problems. Part of the problem is that home buyers and borrowers want unreasonably quick turnaround and quick money.

    Consumers were better served in the past, before the consolidation of the industry, when builders built homes, real estate agents sold homes, lenders made mortgages and held the notes (or sold them individually – not bundled), attorneys did the closings, and title companies provided the title insurance – all separate entities that were unrelated on a corporate level.

    Today, all of these functions may be handled by an interlocking conglomerate of subsidiaries and the consumer has no representation in the transactions. Does anyone expect a closer or attorney working for the lender to represent a home buyer better than the home buyer’s personal attorney? The same goes for title insurance offered by a subsidiary of a lender or builder.

    Those enticed by some out-of-town lender’s offers of “no closing costs” should realize there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    If anything, MERS has functioned to delay foreclosures due to their sloppiness. The real blame for the housing bubble and subsequent bursting should be placed on the Banksters, Wall Street Hucksters, and government failure to stop the fraud in an industry that is already over-regulated favoring dishonest big business over smaller, local, and more honest players in the housing industry.

    Regulation has led to intense lobbying, regulatory capture, and the consolidation and centralization of big banks, insurance companies and securities firms – with the politicians in their pocket. Fraud has always been illegal, but now it is prosecuted selectively – thanks to the unholy alliance between government and big business.

    If you want to find some real shenanigans, check into the appraisers that were enticed into valuing $200,000 homes at $400,000 for the benefit of lenders and mortgage bundlers, at the detriment of consumers.

    MERS is the least of my worries. While everyone is hysterical about MERS, you can bet that your elected representatives and their Wall Street backers are concocting some new way to screw you. This is what they do and have always done. So much for caring politicians protecting you with “regulations”.

  2. Karen says:

    Tom Blanton, a quibble:

    You said “Part of the problem is that home buyers and borrowers want unreasonably quick turnaround and quick money.”

    My admittedly limited experience is that it wasn’t the borrower/homebuyer who was in a hurry to close, it was all the various “professionals” (real estate agents, mortgage brokers, settlement agents, etc.) who were in an unholy hurry to get their fees and move on to the next deal!

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  4. Nathanael says:

    The sheer number of quiet title actions which will be necessary to straighten out land title is unimaginable. So yes, MERS has made a gigantic mess out of the property recording system in the US.

    What really annoys me is that I could have designed a system to do almost all the same work as MERS, *legally*, without making a total mess — for starters, I would have bothered to look up each state’s land and mortgage law, and I would have programmed a very careful system which followed said laws (right down to automatically printing transfer documents for signing and recording, and flagging them if the people authorized to sign them didn’t sign or record them on time).

    The people involved were incompetent from day one.

  5. Edgar Longenecker says:

    I think I’ve unmasked what MERS really means; considering these cartoonists at law; Mickey, Elmer, Roadrunner, and, Sylvester…. Edgrrr… Stalag Skew at Y-RICO, Ahnolds’ Gulag, Schizofornia… United States Socialistic Republic [USSR] International Martial/Maritime Law, Piracy Corporation… Maybe now, we know where the trillion bucks went; somebody opened all those note bundle bricks; found a trillion cloned, forged notes, and threatened to expose the ten owners of the MERS Ghostship, who have embezzled control of 100 million previously mortage backed notes; which bricks they no doubt, stored in the “Trade Towers, or, traded for Fort Hard Knox gold ingots… Let’s get down to who the owners of MERS are; shall we, or are we to continue this hint that, MERS is nobody, but, a concept, created to burn the American people? Watch the IRS salivate over their turn to tax as income, all the discrepancies, settlements, and free houses… as soon as O Baaa Maaa, The Bleating Heart Sheeples’ Messiah, executive orders his popularity, then, repossesses the whole country… Edgrrr…

  6. Edgar Longenecker says:

    And… When is it all going to blame the movie star real estate sales crooks; as in, kiting the value of homes, to begin with, and, skimming the listings, and, repos for themselves; Insider Trading, with no penalty… And, false advertising… no penalty; see Holman/Coldwell Banker, for this one… Edgrrr…

  7. State farm insurance , aig insurance ,acceptance insurance group ,great american insurance ,all state insurance ,progesive insurance united companies insurance cos . I been rob for all of the insurance companies to . America gen insurance group – . I connie is saying why wait the person so long ,.need fraud arrest today . Stop them. Gloria jean mayes , patrick mayes , and michael david grimes sr age 59 . Now .one more thing they keep saying brother anthony grimes got all this stuff but his name is not on the fraud .I wonder tho ! Why would somebody say his brother if he don’t have it .

  8. matt banas says:

    Centex home mortgage a do fraud on ya mortgage and say ! Its ya attorney in fact that sign the docments , then u look for the att in fact its not a real person ! Gloria mayes and michael david grimes sr has the biggest fraud loophole u a ever see . And u want belive the fraud they have onto u look at it the control all the bank president nobody can ask them nothing , or they mitew fire u so u have to just go along with their fraud . Head up tho ! This stuff against the law . Want arrest made asap . Me as a tax payer .mr banas .

  9. Their no life at mers . Robo signer ms samons , at united financial law group , u should have been put the company lawyers on the fraud to get the funnie owner out of their . What are u waiting for the funnie owner to bring more fake I’d and ss card and etal their again . This got to end now . U in charge of all the companies well most of them . With the companies lawyers .pull the police report from fulton cpounty da office under gloria mayes 12 counts of fraud probate court fraud fulton county and fales information . And end this fraud . The company lawyer can get that asap .put them out from the office in ga .

  10. America home mortgage ,finance america ,fraud , its look like the america financial group ,and the great american insurance companies got a lot of claim to put in from the hi jackers ,bank hi jacker . Starting with who – who is the 1st vitim here . 11 years of pure fraud . Tamara slavery , at wellsfargo bank , is still saying how could these bank break the law like that . And she told on them that they are doing fraud .aig got that bail out , how can a ceo make 200 million bucks , that fraud .u no he no its fraud . No ceo make 200 million . That a lot of money . They fired the real ceo and brought in the funnie 1 so they could give him 200million, and cut the real paying and would have loved the correct pay a ceo gets just fine . Goldman sach is a load of fraud ,and ill tell him in his face ,the ceo ,kenneth lewis ,and james dimon ,they new all this crap was bad . So long to all of them . Get out of my stuff . All of u fraud and monster .its look like their a hold load of. Folks doing the finance work that not loving what they do . Get out .

  11. Gold mine properties llc , delta financial properties llc , silver state bank , zion bank , fannie mae ,ginger mae , freddic mae , is on the fraud list too . Stolen .

  12. Strange mr williams black , sayes he the vice president of mers , can’t get a hold of him nether . Man. Forcloser fraud , yall doing good work here , can yall pull mr black up ? I need a word with him .

  13. Thank you for sharing the information regarding foreclosures. Not everyone can be helped in the way they want but the goal is to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosures solutions and short sales offer ways and help in order to keep your home.

    KL – Realtor

  14. pat the rat says:

    heard something that maybe there is two mortgage on every title,don’t even have a clue what that is all about?

  15. Department of treasury – got a report saying , it could be a funnie owner at wellsfargo bank , and he don’t no the real owner ss number for real , the police has the case now looking at it .

  16. D Shatin says:

    Fraud and Racketeering: should have indicted Sec of Treasurer, and all Agency head’s of all U.S. Government Housing entities that embraced and fell in line with MERS, private capital entity.
    This means managers of Fannie Mae, Freddie MAC, Ginnie MAE, all GSEs, ad infinitum, including FHA, and Veterans VHA…for starters.

    All of the above including Robert Rubin, Goldman Sachs, CITICORP, Sec of Treasurer under Clinton, for starters, plus all members of Congress who approved, participated, benefitted from this
    massive, destructive fraud perpetuated against the American people,
    should be at Riker’s Island… at best.

    MERS Corp was key to the mortgage/banking/financial mafias global mortgage Securitization, bundling of mortgages, synthetic consolidated debt obligations, so on an so forth. All foreclosures should have been immediately halted by the Obama Administration and Congress followed by an immediate investigation conducted by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Investigations. The fines levied against the mortgage fraudsters is chicken feed with no financial restitution for those either wrongly foreclosed upon.

    This is an outstanding article that reflects concentrated research on this subject matter. The entire issue has barely been a focus of the media as if the problem is now over…instead of the acceleration of foreclosures and Obama and Holder’s deafening silence on this American nightmare created by a small group followed by an avalanche of yes men with no consideration whatsoever the impact of this cockamamie idea on the American homeowner.


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