Conflict of Interest? Federal Judges' ties to Bank of America

Conflict of Interest? Federal Judges’ ties to Bank of America…Remember the UTAH CASE???

Conflict of Interest? Federal Judges’ ties to Bank of America…Remember the UTAH CASE???

If youl recall my post Notice of Appeal Filed – Stay of Court Order to Vacate Injunction Stopping Bank of America Foreclosures in Utah Requested

I stated There is something not right here and I think the outcome might surprise us!


Reported by: Kelli O’Hara
Last Update: 1:29 am

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – “They’re foreclosing illegally here in Utah,” those were the words of St. George Attorney John Christian Barlow spoken in early June. Barlow at the time had appeared before a Federal Judge arguing that the Banking Giant, Bank of America, was foreclosing illegally in the State of Utah. The Southern Utah Attorney believed that because B.O.A was not a registered business or corporation in the state, they lacked authority to do business here.

Barlow had succeeded in getting a 5th Circuit Court Judge to agree with him; as a result the judge imposed an injunction on all Bank of America foreclosures. Weeks later, the case went before a Federal Judge where B.O.A. argued that they were regulated by Federal Laws not State. Federal Judge Clark Waddoups heard case, and threw out the injunction therefore Bank of America’s foreclosure company: ReConTrust was allowed to foreclose once again.

After the decision, ABC4 got a tip about the case and started digging. Our tipster said that the Judge may have a conflict of interest in hearing the B.O.A. cases. Why? Because the Judge Waddoups old law firm represents Bank of America.

We checked into Waddoups background and the Federal Judge did work for Parr,Brown, Gee & Loveless for nearly 30 years. And Waddoups, as of 2008, drew a pension from the law firm. We placed a call to the firm, but they wouldn’t comment if the former firm Partner had ever handled B.O.A cases.

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What does DJSP, Enterprises Newly Appointed Counsel have in common with PBC Judge Meenu Sasser?

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2 Responses to “Conflict of Interest? Federal Judges’ ties to Bank of America…Remember the UTAH CASE???”

  1. I still think everyone is missing the point, the Sub-prime loans, most aren’t even delinquent when they are accelerated, much less foreclosed on, and the banks and mortgage companies are using fraudulent tactics in the bankruptcy proceeding of many of the nations farm and home owners, who have chosen to enlist the lawful preceding of the bankruptcy court, to try to save their homes and farms. These banks and mortgage company’s who are almost all guaranteed by an insurance policy, have all gotten, bailout money,insurance proceeds, the large down-payments and in most of these loans(that are unlawful the the United States of America,anyway)Have in fact, never missed a payment, and most are paid upfront, in advance, how ever you want to say it!

    I challenge the Congressional joint Committee to allow me, to Testify on Behalf of the Foreclosed, Farmers and Homeowners of America.

    Thank You In Advance For Your Time
    by: Melissa Seaver Scottsburg, Indiana

  2. Robert Lockyer says:

    A new conflict of interest complaint has been filed against Judge Waddoups in the U.S. 10th Circuit Court. Look into case #s 10-11-90010 and 10-11-90011, ph # (303) 335-2630, U.S. court of appeals ph #.


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