CLASS ACTION AMENDED against MERSCORP (MERS) to include Shareholders

CLASS ACTION AMENDED against MERSCORP to include Shareholders, DJSP

CLASS ACTION AMENDED against MERSCORP to include Shareholders, DJSP

Kenneth Eric Trent, P.A. of Broward County has amended the Class Action complaint Figueroa v. MERSCORP, Inc. et al filed on July 26, 2010 in the Southern District of Florida.

Included in the amended complaint is MERS shareholders HSBC, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Company, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, WAMU, Countrywide, GMAC, Guaranty Bank, Merrill Lynch, Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), Norwest, Bank of America, Everhome, American Land Title, First American Title, Corinthian Mtg, MGIC Investor Svc, Nationwide Advantage, Stewart Title,  CRE Finance Council f/k/a Commercial Mortgage Securities Association, Suntrust Mortgage,  CCO Mortgage Corporation, PMI Mortgage Insurance Company, Wells Fargo and also DJS Processing which is owned by David J. Stern.

MERSCORP shareholders…HERE

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CLASS ACTION FILED| Figueroa v. Law Offices Of David J. Stern, P.A. and MERSCORP, Inc.

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13 Responses to “CLASS ACTION AMENDED against MERSCORP to include Shareholders, DJSP”

  1. As the UK Government maintains it’s sustained pressure on the UK’s major banking institutions for commercial mortgages. There seem to be minor indications that this will increase the amount of commercial property business which is completed. It does seem that financial institutions have been slow to open out their books and actively grow their lending books at realistic terms.

  2. Clyde says:

    All the following are Questions and not professional advice:
    What do we do with:
    Nightmare Multi-Toxic Fatally Flawed Mortgage
    with Fraud in the Origination Process,
    Both (1) Fraud in the Originating Process and (2) The splitting or bifurcation of the promissory note or mortgage note and mortgage or deed of trust creates immediate and fatal flaws in title.
    “Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems a/k/a MERS (in its sinister game of power politics in which the government became an instrument of coercion for the creation of special privilege, the government was being forced to abdicate its legitimate role of serving as an impartial vehicle for the administration of justice (the safeguarding of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness) and became THE STATE, an agent for oppression.”
    MERS has served as a sort of “corporate shield” that protects investors from claims by borrowers concerning predatory lending practices,” therefore “MERS (was illegally) imposing this opaque corporate wall, that in a “vast” number of foreclosures, MERS actually (illegally) succeeded in foreclosing without producing the original note – the legal sine qua non of foreclosure – much less documentation that could support predatory lending defenses,” therefore (See “Our Enemy, The State” by Albert Jay Nock, and “Who Really Matters” by Art Kleiner, “Profile of the Predator” chapter in “Scam School…” by Chuck Whitlock, The Absolutes, Freedom’s Only Hope” by James Robison that exposes crimes justified by relativisms’ there is no right or wrong, no absolutes except that there are no absolutes and other nonsense, and for the best long term solution: a 50 year bestseller: an annotated reissue of the 1st British edition of 1797, A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians, in the Higher and Middle Classes in This Country, Contrasted with Real Christianity” by William Wilberforce, A Hero of Humanity that has done more for humanity than anyone in the world without bloodshed, His genius was that he realized that you cannot fight crime without also reforming manners: “A Practical View of Christianity” by William Wilberforce, see 9 page Preface Hendrickson Christian Classic by Charles Colson, Washington D.C. 12/95.
    [(Also the lender(s)
    “has(have) been paid in full and have no further legal interest in the claim”)
    The lenders and MERS “have no enforceable mortgage/loan, and no right or standing to bring an action for foreclosure”
    Since there was Fraud, etc in the Origination Processes.
    [“Only the securities holders have skin in the game; but they (also) have no standing to foreclose, because they were not signatories to the original agreement. They cannot satisfy the basic requirement of contract law that a plaintiff suing on a written contract must produce a signed contract proving he is entitled to relief.”]
    Since “nobody has standing to foreclose – on 60 million mortgages”];
    And, a Cumulative total of Four Lost Liens “Hell:”
    1st Lost Lien:
    Due to Fraudulent Closing w/o Lien on XXX Home
    And Lost the Same Lien on XXX Home Again
    After various Attorneys Failed to Obtain Clear Title,
    Co-Signer Obtained Clear Title and Sent it to the lender(s)
    With Written Instructions to Record Lien
    2nd Lost Lien:
    But the lender Failed to Timely Record Lien on XXX Home
    When Co-Signer Obtained and Sent Clear Title to the lender(s)
    3rd Lost Lien:
    Due to core or enterprise group including the City Fraudulently Took Away XXXXX Home w/o Due Process,
    Compensation, and Reimbursement for Expenses, etc.
    4th Lost Lien:
    The Credit Card illegally “Stole” Lien from the lenders and/or
    Buyer/Co-Signer who also alleges that the court erred in ordering lien for some unknown future foreclosure because of this Nightmare Multi-Toxic Credit Card with Fraud in the Origination Process (since the lender(s) and the credit card company did not comply with all 330 laws, etc)
    So they voided their ability to default judgments and/or
    Voided prior court judgments for fraud on the court,
    And Fraud in the origination process.
    and etc
    Due to:
    Bankruptcy Attorney/Firm/wife’s professional malpractice, etc.
    Which Failed to Charge-off All Unsecured Debt to the lender(s)
    And Failed to List Secured Debt to the credit card co: XXX Home
    And Failed to Disclose to the Bankruptcy Court
    The Nightmare Multi-Toxic Mortgages with 4 Lost Liens
    The Many and Various Related Other Despicable, Devastating Conspiracies [also described herein] to
    Repeatedly Perpetuate Patterns of Continuing Despicable, Devastating Racketeering, Fraud, Abuse and Waste from Inception Closing of Loan Date and Subsequent Monthly and Periodic Periods When Over-zealous and/or Impostor Professional Career Criminal Masterminds, Co-Conspirators and/or Inadvertent or Other Facilitators Started Trying to Cover up Fraud, then they started or continued to Repeatedly Perpetuate Racketeering Activities, other crimes and/or wrongdoings
    including but not limited to:
    (1) Collecting Fraudulent Monthly Payments on the
    (2) Nightmare Multi-Toxic Mortgage Racketeering Activities, etc.
    (3) Nightmare Multi-Toxic Credit Card Abuse, etc.
    [In a Weird Limbo: That is obviously protected by Bankruptcy Act, the Toxic Mortgage “shields”, etc
    Since the lenders and the Credit Card co has not Tried to Collect or Foreclose?]
    [Obviously trying to wait for an opportunity within the:
    “The Myth of Moral Justice,
    Why Our Legal System Fails to Do What’s Right” by Thane Rosenbaum, Esq. Fordham Law School and/or
    “Juris-Mania: The Madness of American Law,” by Paul F. Campos, Esq. University of Colorado Law School, etc.
    To take advantage of the lien they “stole” from the lenders?]
    (4) Toxic-Mortgages Securities Fraud, other crimes and indefensible violation practice Wrongdoings that put us on the road to foreclosure,
    Which has resulted in:
    $XX,XXX to $XXX,XXX estimated Total Loss Due to Racketeering, etc.,
    Plus Additional Interest and other Fees,
    2/3rds or more of the Payments are Fraudulent Collections
    Plus Additional Principal Payments Fraudulently
    “Stolen” for “Inspection Fees” every time
    In order to “market” their “accelerated” payment scheme with this Despicable, devastating fraud, abuse, waste and financial terror
    That discourages innocent citizen victims from trying to legally make additional payments to Principal,
    Plus also return Fees Collected at Closing for Services not Performed:
    [Those fees collected for obtaining a clear title and lien]

    Are these other Resources applicable: Various successful RICO Lawsuit Templates from

    Business Week’s “Prisoner’s of Debt.”

    Are these related Resources applicable:

    PBS’s “The Secret History of Credit Cards.”

    End of Questions, or just the beginning of many more?


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