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LPS Using TARP Funds to Cover-Up Assignment of Mortgage

LPS Using TARP Funds to Cover-Up Assignment of Mortgage

VIA: Adrian Lofton

Consumer ID thefts or consumer identity thefts is one of the main crimes that cause financial as well as emotional anguish. The rubber-stamping of Assignments of Mortgage and the Double Dipping of foreclosure fees and cost expedite the foreclosure process and line the silk pockets of these attorneys, banks and LPS executives.

This is a copy of the September 14, 2009 e-mail from Adrian Lofton to Bradley Johnson, lead Attorney at Taylor, Day, Currie, Boyd and Johnson apprizing him of their TARP fund violations.

Brad, your firm has created a conflict of interest by representing these banks. In addition to the aforementioned, you are not legally entitled to accept TARP funds to represent these banks after your firm implicated them in these federal violations.
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