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The Foreclosure Crisis Comes To “Glee”

The Foreclosure Crisis Comes To “Glee”

Yes, even “Hollywood” pays a visit to this site from time to time and does a little research! :)’

Expect some commercials coming soon. This is far from over…

Business Insider:

“Glee” last night used the foreclosure-gate crisis that started sweeping the nation after the housing bubble burst to brand one of its newest characters.

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“Fred Rerun Berry” actor from 1970’s sitcom”What’s Happening”

“Fred Rerun Berry” actor from 1970’s sitcom”What’s Happening”

Mrs. Berry contacted me through my youtube channel.

For those who may not recall “What’s Happening”…  Back then this was one of the hottest shows along with “Good Times”, “Different Strokes” etc. This was a show that was part of my childhood and enjoyed very much.

Because of “Rerun” we have a dance that was named after him for his unique moves.

There will always only be one Rerun.



“Fred Rerun Berry” actor from 1970’s sitcom(“What’s Happening”)”Family is asking for a Federal Investigation on a 20 million dollar cover up from Mr. Fred and Essie Berry Tax Identification number.(52-2197854)

Whistle Blower!!! Over the past six years regarding the late Fred Rerun Berry who was an actor from the 1970’s “What’s Happening” Sitcom. Berry died October 21, 2003.

It has been determined that there has been an unauthorized use of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Berry’s personal identification number utilizing this number to establish bank accounts in the form of loans, government grants, saving accounts and lines of credit. Thousands of dollars have been utilized in property developments, purchasing of land and community development projects in the Suitland Maryland, Largo Maryland and New Carrolton areas. Many attempts to gather documents from a Bank and a Corporation in Maryland have been met with roadblocks.

In 2001 Fred Rerun Berry appeared on” The Weakest Link and that is were it all began. Mrs. Berry started receiving paper work from the Internal Revenue, Documents and contracts in c/o Essie Berry for this corporation and Tax Idenification Number. Mrs. Berry requested bank accounts records . The bank teller wanted Mrs. Berry to provided information to confirm her identity. Information was faxed in 2004 to a bank in Maryland still no records.

In 2005, Mrs. Berry meets with the Vice-President of the bank. Mrs. Berry asked for all accounts in reference to Fred Rerun Berry Tax Identification 52-2197854 records were mail but they were incomplete.

Mrs. Berry and Portia Allen, Fred’s daughter in 2007 over heard a phone conversation with a bank employee while holding during a phone conversation say, “That poor, poor lady they drained her husbands’ account.

With all of the compelling evidence, bank records, documents and paper trail and errors that the banks have made in utilizing Mr. and Mrs. Fred Berry Tax Identification number. The Berry family is seeking a full Federal Investigation to this matter. All facts can be proven.

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