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Rick Scott, GOP to consider taking courts out of foreclosure process

Rick Scott, GOP to consider taking courts out of foreclosure process

Missing from this article is how homeowners are being fraudulently foreclosed upon and how this affects title to the homes.

Once again, homeowners continue to get shafted by those in office.

Just because you have money doesn’t mean you made it because you’re smart! See Video Below…

ST. Pete Times-

TALLAHASSEE — The push is on in Florida to cut the courts out of the foreclosure process.

Supporters of the concept — which is used in nearly 30 states — say it will speed foreclosures, get houses back onto the real estate market and boost the economy.

Opponents say it puts property owners at the mercy of banks.

Gov. Rick Scott, House Speaker Dean Cannon and Senate President Mike Haridopolos all say they are interested in considering legislation to change Florida laws so judges won’t have to referee foreclosures.


Never-Before-Seen Rick Scott Deposition Video

Here is never-before-seen footage of Rick Scott during a deposition in an anti-trust lawsuit against his former company Columbia/HCA Health. Scott’s company was fined a record $1.7 billion on charges of Medicare fraud. Despite being a lawyer and being CEO of one of the nation’s largest hospital chains, Scott evades answers to even the most basic questions. If Scott won’t answer questions when under oath, how can we expect him to be honest with us?

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