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Lisa Epstein Running For Palm Beach County Clerk Endorsed By Rep. Alan Grayson (D)

Lisa Epstein Running For Palm Beach County Clerk Endorsed By Rep. Alan Grayson (D)


Solutions to the ongoing foreclosure crisis are virtually absent from the national political debate, but in Florida, one of the states hardest-hit by the housing crunch, several homeowners who have seen crisis firsthand are running for local office on anti-Wall Street platforms.

Lisa Epstein, a foreclosure victim-turned-activist, has launched a bid to unseat the local Palm Beach County Clerk in Florida, running on the slogan “a wave of change.”

She is joined by at least two other anti-foreclosure fraud activists in Florida making runs for county clerk positions, the office in charge of property records. (A fourth dropped out after launching a campaign.)

Epstein will have the backing of one of the state’s most popular progressive figures, former Rep. Alan Grayson (D), injecting an unusual amount of energy into a race that is often sleepy and frequently uncontested.


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Lisa Epstein For Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts

Lisa Epstein For Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts

We will do all possible to make this a reality for you.

Palm Beach Post-

– Clerk of Courts Sharon Bock has drawn a Democratic primary challenge from foreclosure-fighting activist Lisa Epstein, who has attracted a national following for exposing suspicious foreclosure paperwork from lending institutions.

Epstein wants the clerk’s office to help crack down on fraud, starting with an audit of real estate documents filed in Palm Beach County. In a bid to address Epstein’s concerns – and avoid a Democratic primary – county Democratic Chariman Mark Alan Siegel arranged a lunch meeting between Bock and Epstein on Friday in Boca Raton.

“If there are things that can be solved, we don’t need an election to do it,” Siegel said. He called Epstein “a spirited person. She wants to raise issues. Let’s see what happens. In our view, Sharon’s doing a great job.”

[Palm Beach Post]


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From Matt Weidner to Lisa Epstein – Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) May Find Themselves Like The Law Offices Of David J. Stern…A Company To Stay Away From!

From Matt Weidner to Lisa Epstein – Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) May Find Themselves Like The Law Offices Of David J. Stern…A Company To Stay Away From!

via: Discovery Tactics Anthony Martinez


When people, government officials or corporations come into the people’s cross-hairs and a decision is made that we will no longer allow, YOU ARE DONE!  I will let history remind you that the proof of that statement is in the pudding.  To all the powers that be:

If you are emotional and acting on emotion DON’T!  Whoever is advising you to suppress freedom of speech as a means to strengthen your position has you ill advised…FIRE THEM!  Do not confuse what you do to turn a profit with being morally correct and sound.  This foreclosure crisis has been a direct attack against the American people on American soil for monetary gain.  American’s (as you can see) are starting to stand up and say “We will no longer allow!”  If you’ve learned anything from what has transpired with the Law Office of David J. Stern, it should be that when YOU get enough negative publicity in the American Press, no one will want to do business or associate themselves with YOU.  For NTC, your efforts are misplaced.  Attacking those who are advocates of the PEOPLE like Matt Weidner and Lisa Epstein makes you look bad.  The robo-signer negative publicity has had its impact but you were better off cleaning up that mess by re-assigning people and assuring the AMERICAN PEOPLE that you will take steps and measures to ensure NO robo-signing exist.  It would be better to agree with the people and show a positive support for the people rather than giving them the finger and hiring attorney’s to attack their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to voice their opinion.  Truth be told, the American people don’t care about NTC or Stern or any other company.  They care about their family and friends and do business with those who will further their needs.  Your moves will only cause greater NEGATIVE PUBLICITY toward you which in turn, will cause YOUR CLIENTS to worry about their reputations and business if they associate and do business with YOU!  You don’t believe me?  Watch and learn how this Litigation Consultant gave you free insight that either saved or destroyed your business.

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Wall Street Journal: Foreclosure? Not So Fast

Wall Street Journal: Foreclosure? Not So Fast

By now, most have read the Deposition of the Infamous Erica Johnson Seck. This is the homeowner Israel Machado speaking out about his foreclosure.

Thank you Ice Legal!


LOXAHATCHEE, Fla.—Israel Machado’s foreclosure started out as a routine affair. In the summer of 2008, as the economy began to soften, Mr. Machado’s pool-cleaning business suffered and like millions of other Americans, he fell behind on his $400,000 mortgage.

But Mr. Machado’s response was unlike most other Americans’. Instead of handing his home over to the lender, IndyMac Bank FSB, he hired Ice Legal LP in nearby Royal Palm Beach to fight the foreclosure. The law firm researched the history of Mr. Machado’s loan and found two interesting facts.

First, the affidavits IndyMac used to file the foreclosure were signed by a so-called robo-signer named Erica A. Johnson-Seck, who routinely signed 6,000 documents a week related to foreclosures and bankruptcy. That volume, the court decided, meant Ms. Johnson-Seck couldn’t possibly have thoroughly reviewed the facts of Mr. Machado’s case, as required by law.

Secondly, IndyMac (now called OneWest Bank) no longer owned the loan—a group of investors in a securitized trust managed by Deutsche Bank did. Determining that IndyMac didn’t really have standing to foreclose, a judge threw out the case and ordered IndyMac to pay Mr. Machado’s $30,000 legal bill.

Mr. Machado and his lawyer, Tom Ice, say they now want to convince the owners of the mortgage to cut Mr. Machado’s loan balance to between $150,000 and $200,000—the current selling price for comparable homes in his community near West Palm Beach. “The whole intent was to get them to come to the negotiating table, to get me in a fixed-rate mortgage that worked,” Mr. Machado said.

Continue reading…WALL STREET JOURNAL


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David J. Stern Contempt of Court Petition and Affidavits 8/24/2010

David J. Stern Contempt of Court Petition and Affidavits 8/24/2010

Via: ForeclosureHamlet

The evidence on the docket as well as the Notice of Mediation prove definitively that Deutsche Bank, the Law Offices of David J. Stern, Mr- Stern himself as lead attorney of the Law Offices of David J. Stern, and/or Florida Mediation Group, Inc. Intentionally and knowingly violated a court order, a crime defined by FL Crim. Stat. Sec. 3.840, Indirect Criminal- Contempt of Judge Roger Colton’s 4/1/2010 Order for Mediation to occur within 60 days at the plaintiff’s expense.

[ipaper docId=36380674 access_key=key-k536s7i0zqlwwkwipd1 height=600 width=600 /]

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Talk Radio CONFIRMATION for APRIL 23 9am ET Conquering the Stigma of Being in Foreclosure

Talk Radio CONFIRMATION for APRIL 23 9am ET Conquering the Stigma of Being in Foreclosure

Special THANK YOU to 4closurefraud, Foreclosure Hamlet & The HAMLETEERS for putting their lives on hold, getting on a bus and fight for what they believe…YOUR RIGHTS!

Via: 4closurefraud

Lisa Epstein, owner of the Foreclosure Support site, Foreclosure Hamlet, is already on to the next project!

After spending 20 hours on a bus and a full day of speeches and talking with dozens of legislators at our Rally in Tally, she is back for more…

Watch out Fraudsters. This woman is on a mission!

See below and get the word out please.   This show can be extreme, but hey, so can we!

Our collective goal in this foreclosure crisis is to educate EVERYONE and to overcome the burden of the “deadbeat stigma”.  The audience of this show is very vocal and active.

Make sure to call in and voice your support

FROM:  “The Power Hour” with Joyce Riley

PO Box 85, Versailles, MO  65084


Hello Lisa,
Joyce Riley of ThePowerHour sincerely wishes to thank you for agreeing to be a guest on her syndicated talk radio broadcast. I have retained the previous talking points from your last “Happy Hour” and will send them to Joyce, along with the May 19th completed guest schedule.  Plus, Joyce will call you the day before your scheduled interview to create a comfort zone, making for the best possible interview.
:  Our Minneapolis studio will be calling you at 19am your EASTERN Daylight TIME

We will link our radio show to your website:

If you have any articles of related interest (press stories etc.) you wish to post with your guest appearance just email them over to me.

The Power Hour appreciates your dedication and efforts to stop the stigma surrounding people foreclosed upon and we look forward to your coming guest appearance.
Always in Health, Liberty, and Truth,

Marie Gunther – Guest & Program Producer of

“ThePowerHour with Joyce Riley” is a three-hour syndicated LIVE radio broadcast
Monday through Friday, 7-10 AM CST.

Listen Live at or

AM/FM Stations:

Alabama: Birmingham and Sylacauga, Alabama WYEA 1290 a.m.
California: Loma Linda, Riverside, Los Angeles 1050 a.m.; Live on
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Homeowner Road Trip: Rally in Tallahassee WAY TO GO!!! Huffington Post

Homeowner Road Trip: Rally in Tallahassee WAY TO GO!!! Huffington Post


Richard Zombeck Richard Zombeck
HuffPost’s Eyes & Ears Mortgage Specialist
Posted: April 17, 2010 12:30 PM

Homeowner Road Trip: Rally in Tallahassee

In a time when you can stroll over to the computer and rattle off an e-mail to your elected official because you think your taxes are too high or leave an anonymous comment on a blog or article voicing your disapproval with a particular reporter, it would seem that the days of face-to-face action and rallies are unfortunately a thing of the past.Not for a group of activists in Florida heading to the Capitol in Tallahassee on Wednesday, April 21.

Michael Redman (4closureFraud), and Lisa Epstein (Foreclosure Hamlet), in an effort to convince Florida legislators to listen to their constituents, are organizing a transport to the capital. An old fashion road trip of attorneys, advocates, and homeowners. Transportation is being organized and buses will be available from key areas throughout Florida and along major roadways. Redman and Epstein had initially dipped into their own pockets to charter buses for the event.

As of April 16th, according to Redman’s blog, in a Friday post,

“Team Ice in West Palm has sponsored their bus and now one of Pinellas County’s toughest foreclosure fighters has generously agreed to sponsor a bus to make sure any attorney and homeowner who wants to go to Tallahassee and make his or her voice heard has the opportunity to get up there and meet face to face.”
“One of the most inspiring things about all of this is seeing how the defense attorneys are all throwing their time, talent and treasure into this fight.  We all share our ideas, insight and experience because doing so serves the interests of not just our clients but those folks out there who cannot afford an attorney and it especially serves the Constitution we took an oath to protect and the judiciary we respect,”

The most important piece of legislation the group was trying to stop was a push by bankers to change the way Florida handles foreclosures. Florida currently, and always has had Judicial foreclosures. The bank’s proposed legislation would have allowed banks to foreclose on Florida homes without going to court. According to Matt Weidner, a Florida attorney, the bill for now appears to have been stopped in the House, but the Senate will meet next week and according to an old Florida saying, “No one’s safe while the legislature is in session.”

A non-judicial foreclosure would mean that, “you the homeowner won’t automatically get your day in court if your lender tries to take your house away. The way it works right now is the lender is required by law to file a civil lawsuit against you in order to foreclose. You then have to answer it. If you don’t answer it or don’t show up to court, the judge issues a summary judgment against you. In a non-judicial foreclosure everything is done administratively and your right to due process is compromised and you have to beg for your day in court,” as explained by Steve Dibert of MFI-Miami.

Although the bill appears to have died, and the bankers appear to have conceded, this motivated band of advocates doesn’t want to leave anything to chance.

An e-mail from Weidner reads:

As Mark Twain said, ‘News of My death was greatly exaggerated.’ Although the legislation appears to have died, the passion and concern that its introduction incited has only increased with word of its demise.  Tapping into broad based anxiety and concern felt by homeowners all across Florida, the group has turned its focus from defeating this legislation to demanding legislation that will increase protections for Florida homeowners. Talk about turning the tables.  They are meeting with Senator Mark Aronberg and Rep. Darren Soto who introduced a “Homeowner’s Bill of Rights“. They’re asking that this legislation be resurrected… at the very least they want to make sure their legislators are fully aware of their concerns and the problems they’re facing.

According to Weidner’s press release,

“The response from legislators to this movement has been awe-inspiring. Our leaders in Washington may have trouble hearing the voices of their people, but the leaders who represent us in Tallahassee hear the voice of the people loud and clear! Already leaders from both houses have graciously agreed to meet with their voters, we’re confident many more will agree to meet with us when we arrive.”

Michael Moore spoke of the apathy and lack of action he witnessed despite his tireless work drawing attention to key issues affecting millions of Americans.

“Two years ago, I tried to get the health-care debate going, and it did eventually, and now where are we? We may not even have it. What am I supposed to do at a certain point?, ” Moore said in an 2009 Toronto press conference.

I wrote about that similar frustration with apathy in “Where are the Screaming Liberals?,” back in September 2009.

It’s refreshing and inspiring to think that may be changing.

Denise Richardson ( posted the following from Lisa Epstein on her blog:

This is not just for homeowners!We are ALL reduced by the actions behind the mortgage frauds and scams. Tenants! Anyone who relies on any public service funded by our now shrunken tax revenues! Anyone owning any property at all, fully paid off or not. Any business owner! Unemployed family members! Credit card/bank account fees victims! Those with drained 401Ks and college savings accounts!

We will be heard as was the Florida Bankers Association on their own “Capitol Day” on March 10, 2010. Florida Bankers, guess what? You wanted a “Taste of Florida”? You are gonna get one! We are having our own “Capitol Day”! But our collective voices will be a harmony; louder, clearer, unwavering, and with a foundation firmly planted in the historical roots of our country as a nation for WE, THE PEOPLE!

Bankers and other stealth foreclosing entities, listen up! We are NOT boobs, chumps, doormats, dupes, easy marks, fools, goats, gulls, patsies, pigeons, pushovers, saps, scapegoats, schmucks, sitting ducks, stooges, suckers, victims, or weaklings, And we most certainly are not “deadbeats”!

To find out more about the rally and let them know you’ll be along for the ride, see Redman’s site at or Weidner’s blog for more information.

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