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MASS JOINDER | Homeowners, don’t be fooled by this foreclosure scam

MASS JOINDER | Homeowners, don’t be fooled by this foreclosure scam

Before StopForeclosureFraud puts up posts it tries its best to research sources and is not quick to rush to post what may not seem right for its readers. SFF had several tips of such Mass Joinder request to post but refrained from doing so for the following reasons and please make sure you read both articles below to fully understand.

Martin who runs Mandelman Matters was first to post an alert warning homeowners about Mass Joinder lawsuits in which he states

Last week I posted a “Homeowner Warning” about a mailer I’d received from a homeowner promoting participation in a lawsuit, referred to as a “Mass Joinder” lawsuit, being filed against several major banks on behalf of homeowners by the law firm of Kramer & Kaslow.  Before I posted the “warning” I spoke with several attorneys I know that are well-versed in law firm marketing compliance, and I made two attempts to contact the Kramer & Kaslow attorneys at the number provided on the mailer, but received no response.

Everyone who follows Mandelman Matters knows Martin puts an enormous amount of effort into his investigative reports. 

Today Reuters is reporting the same, warning homeowners

The scam is particular elaborate since a federal ban went into effect earlier this year against requiring up-front payments to those offering mortgage relief. Rules being what they are, there is an exception to it — for lawyers. While the terms are a bit more specific than that, it opened the door to people supposedly working on behalf of lawyers to still preying on those whose homes are being foreclosed.

“Those who continue to prey on and victimize vulnerable homeowners have not given up,” the warning by Wayne S. Bell, chief counsel of the California Department of Real Estate, says. “They just change their tactics and modify their sales pitches to keep taking advantage of those who are desperate to save their homes. And some of the frauds seeking to rip off desperate homeowners are trying to use the lawyer exemption above to collect advance fees for mortgage assistance relief litigation.”

Long story short do your homework so you don’t fall victim to scams.

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