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Deposition Transcript of Litton Loan Servicing Litigation Manager Christopher Spradling

Deposition Transcript of Litton Loan Servicing Litigation Manager Christopher Spradling

via: Mario Kenny


Q. Would Litton have reached out to — I’m going to
13 call it MERS in place of Mortgage Electronic
14 Registration Systems. Would Litton have reached out to
15 MERS to execute this assignment?
16 A. Actually, Marti Noriega and Denise Bailey are
17 employed by Litton Loan Servicing. They have authority
18 to sign on behalf of MERS.
19 Q. Does either of those parties have authority to
20 sign on behalf of Accredited Home Lenders?
21 A. No, not to my knowledge.
22 Q. Do you know if Accredited Home Lenders was still
23 in place on the date that this assignment of mortgage
24 was executed?

THE WITNESS: I’m not certain of Accredited
2 Home Lenders’ status at this time.
4 Q. As of April of 2009, are you aware if Accredited
5 Home Lenders was in bankruptcy?
6 A. I don’t know what their status was.
7 Q. Are there any other assignments of mortgage other
8 than this one as Composite Exhibit C that you’re aware
9 of?
10 A. No.


Q. Well, is this Allonge a copy of the Allonge; or
3 is this the original Allonge copied with the correct
4 endorsement?
5 A. The only way I could verify that is to see the
6 actual, original note which is on file with the court.
7 Q. Do you know why the Allonges are different from
8 the one that was filed with the complaint and the one
9 that was filed with the court several months later?
10 A. No, I do not.

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