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Shhh… can you keep a secret?

Shhh… can you keep a secret?

A little birdie gave me confirmation a highly publicized Law Firm in Florida is under the Florida Supreme Court’s radar…

This is all I can tell you.

Could there be some special news coming soon? This I don’t know.

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DJSP Enterprises – Kaplan Fox Investigates Possible Securities Laws Violations NYTIMES ARTICLE TO FOLLOW!

DJSP Enterprises – Kaplan Fox Investigates Possible Securities Laws Violations NYTIMES ARTICLE TO FOLLOW!

You DO NOT want to be on this firms radar…they investigate Corporate Fraud and this is the 2nd firm to launch an investigation against DJSP Enterprises.

New York – May 28, 2010 – Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer LLP ( has been investigating DJSP Enterprises (“DSJP” or the “Company”) (Symbol: DJSP) for potential violations of the federal securities laws.  Investors who purchased Company securities since April 1, 2010 may be affected.

On May 28, 2010, DJSP plunged by $2.59, or 29.2%, to $6.28 after the real-estate foreclosure services company posted weaker-than-expected first-quarter results and warned investors of a full-year earnings shortfall.

DJSP said it had a first-quarter adjusted profit of 35 cents a share, which was a nickel below the Thomson Reuters average estimate.

DJSP said that in April one of its largest bank clients initiated a foreclosure system conversion that cut the number of foreclosures. Because of the foreclosure system conversion and the U.S. government’s steps to prevent foreclosures, DJSP said it expects full-year earnings of $1.29 to $1.36 a share, which is below consensus. Volume topped 3.13 million shares, compared to the 50-day average daily volume of 190,000.

If you purchased DJSP publicly traded securities and would like to discuss our investigation, please e-mail us at or contact:

Frederic S. Fox
Joel B. Strauss
Donald R. Hall
Hae Sung Nam
Jeffrey P. Campisi
Pamela A. Mayer

850 Third Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, New York 10022
(800) 290-1952
(212) 687-1980
Fax: (212) 687-7714
E-mail address:

Laurence D. King
350 Sansome Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, California  94104
(415) 772-4700
Fax:  (415) 772-4707
E-mail address:

DinSFLA Here: —–>Heads Up! See Red Text!

According to’s contributor Glen Bradford on 5/28/2010 he states

“I listened into the conference call. Lowered guidance in most situations comes from future problems down the pipeline. That isn’t the case this time. Lowered guidance this time is just a temporary setback. Company prices should be a discount of their future earnings — and in this case, the discrepancy between price and value appears to be fairly large right now. The main points:

In the Q&A section, someone yelled at David Stern for not disclosing this setback through an 8-K earlier. In my opinion, taking all things into consideration, David Stern has been making the right judgment calls. The future for foreclosure processing is brighter than ever.

There is currently a rumor circulating suggesting that foreclosure processing is being pushed back another thirty (30) days for mid-summer election purposes.

David Stern has been getting phone calls from his customers on a daily basis to make sure that DJSP has the capacity to handle a future ramp up in capacity.

Two of their largest customers are merging, and in my opinion, this is going to make Q2 and maybe the beginning of Q3 temporarily weak. That said, I would argue that DJSP is incredibly likely to continue working with this new merged entity and get the backlog of foreclosures that they have built up.

Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) have been touring the facilities to make sure that DJSP has the capacity to ramp up processing.

They are in the process of picking up a second REO customer in my opinion, but the time that it takes to ramp up here might push those earnings into Q1 2011 at this point.

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